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Minimum Wage

News Tuesday, Jun 30 2015

MEMO/VIDEO: Bully Seeking Pulpit

Chris Christie enters the race as a brazen, outspoken bully hoping to use the 2016 pulpit to pull his GOP opponents like Jeb Bush further to the extreme right. With nine credit downgrades and a 30 percent approval rating under his belt, Christie has made the calculation that his charming personality alone won’t do the trick in the wake of Bridgegate. American Bridge is also releasing a new video that shows Christie is now aligning himself with the extreme wing of his party in an attempt to gain traction.

News Wednesday, Oct 22 2014

Mitt Romney And Doug Ducey: Ice (Cream) Cold Businessmen

Mitt Romney is continuing his consolation tour of the nation, touting the ideas that handed him a decisive loss two years ago and "boosting" candidates around the country. Today, he's taking his talents to Mesa, where he'll campaign with Doug Ducey, a man with whom he has all too much in common. The two slick-looking businessmen have made a lot of money in their careers, but neither of them seem to have workers in their best interests. As Governor of Massachusetts, Romney belied a campaign promise by vetoing a minimum wage increase, which was promptly overridden by unanimous votes in both chambers of the state legislation. That kind of audacity must impress a man like Doug Ducey. Ducey has consistently spoken out against raising the minimum wage, and even went so far as to institute his famed singing-for-tips policy at Cold Stone Creamery, in part to avoid paying higher wages to his workers. Ducey and Romney share other things as well, like a history of presiding over corporate layoffs. All in all, the duo promises to be a real treat for the guys at the top, but their agenda isn't so sweet for working families.

News Tuesday, Oct 21 2014

ICYMI: Chris Christie Is "Tired of Hearing About The Minimum Wage"

At a Chamber of Commerce event today, Chris Christie - ever the everyman sharing working families' concerns - came right out and said what we're sure many Republicans have been thinking this year: "I'm tired of hearing about the minimum wage, I really am." American Bridge has the video, watch for yourself above.

News Tuesday, Oct 14 2014

One Rauner Hour Equals Two Years Of Minimum Wage Work (VIDEO)

Good news: billionaire Bruce Rauner finally released last year's tax returns. Bad news: they only serve to further emphasize just how out-of-touch he truly is. Rauner made an astounding $30,000 per HOUR last year. To put that in context, it would take a full-time minimum wage worker in Illinois almost two years to earn what Bruce Rauner earns in 60 minutes.

News Wednesday, Oct 1 2014

Dishonesty Personified: Bruce Rauner's New Minimum Wage Lie

Bruce Rauner is out with a new ad that makes a laughable claim. The ad, "Screwed Up," claims that Rauner's…

News Friday, Sep 12 2014

New Online Ad: Bruce Rauner: Adamantly Against What's Right for Illinois

Today, American Bridge is releasing a new online ad highlighting billionaire Bruce Rauner's attacks on minimum wage workers in Illinois.…

News Friday, Aug 8 2014

How Dare Dairy Queen (Pay Its Workers A Living Wage)

Texas Congressman Blake Farenthold has always been ahead of the curve. First, it was the duckie pajamas. Then, last summer, it was talk of impeaching the president. Now, at a town hall this week in Corpus Christie, Rep. Farenthold has gone even further than just doubling down on his opposition to raising the minimum wage: he has actively mocked a local Texas business (in this case, Dairy Queen) for paying its workers $18/hour. Right on, Congressman. How dare Dairy Queen pay its workers a living wage?

News Wednesday, Jul 23 2014

Rick Scott answers a question! And he hates the minimum wage

A miracle just occurred. Just when you thought it was never going to happen, after two weeks of ridicule and exasperation from Florida and national press, Rick Scott actually answered a question. For months, Rick Scott has refused to take a concrete position on raising the minimum wage, though his opposition was always pretty clear, having been caught saying: “When I hear a politician say that we have to raise the minimum wage so working families can make ends meet, I cringe.”

The Wire Wednesday, Jun 4 2014

MEMO: Congratulations to Koch-crony Joni

To: Interested Parties From: Brad Woodhouse, President of American Bridge 21st Century Re: Congratulations to Koch-crony Joni Date: Wednesday, June 4, 2014 Congratulations to Joni Ernst. Last night she captured the Tea Party Senate nomination in Iowa, and all she had to do was oppose the minimum wage, “philosophically” oppose renewable fuel standards, and flatter the billionaire, out-of-state Koch brothers. Ernst faced a slew of conservative candidates in the Republican primary, but ultimately, her extreme record prevailed. You can't question her Tea Party bona fides--in addition to opposing a federal minimum wage altogether, she thinks shifting a greater tax burden onto the middle class is "a great way to go." She has made the case for privatizing Social Security, supported Paul Ryan's budget to gut Medicaid and voucherize Medicare, and called for the elimination of Renewable Fuel Standards along with all other taxpayer subsidies. Her position on every one of those issues is in lockstep with the Koch agenda, and she even co-sponsored a personhood amendment, which would make some forms of contraception illegal and take away a woman's right-to-choose even in the case of rape or incest. What more could a Tea Partier ask for? Now, general election voters in Iowa can enjoy five months of getting to know Koch-crony Joni and her anti-middle class agenda.

The Wire Monday, Jun 2 2014

What WASN'T In Rick Scott's Budget Speaks Volumes

Rick Scott signed his record-breaking budget today, packed with taxpayer handouts to special interests. But perhaps what is even worse than what's in his budget is what isn't. The Scott budget did nothing to increase Florida's minimum wage and give a raise to hardworking Florida families trying to get by. Not surprising, considering even the thought of raising the minimum wage makes Rick Scott cringe. His budget did nothing to expand Medicaid, as over 750,000 Floridians, including 41,000 veterans, continue to be denied health care. And his budget did nothing to guarantee equal pay for women in the Sunshine State. Budgets are an embodiment of priorities, and Rick Scott's priorities are clear: Special interests first. Florida last. Check out the graphics below: ScottBudgetEqualPay ScottBudgetMedicaid ScottBudgetMinWage

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