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News Tuesday, Oct 14 2014

One Rauner Hour Equals Two Years Of Minimum Wage Work (VIDEO)

Oct 14, 2014

Good news: billionaire Bruce Rauner finally released last year’s tax returns. Bad news: they only serve to further emphasize just how out-of-touch he truly is.

Rauner made an astounding $30,000 per HOUR last year. To put that in context, it would take a full-time minimum wage worker in Illinois almost two years to earn what Bruce Rauner earns in 60 minutes.

Now there’s certainly nothing wrong with being rich. (like, nine houses, two cattle ranches, $140,000 wine club, $100,000 extra parking spot rich). But it sure is amazing that a guy who lives his life like that, still thinks minimum wage workers aren’t worth more than $8.25 an hour.

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Published: Oct 14, 2014

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