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News Tuesday, Sep 20 2016

Trump Uses Foundation For Corporate Settlements, Brags About Using "Other People's Money"

Sep 20, 2016

This morning we learned that Donald Trump has used his charitable foundation — funded by donors other than himself — to settle legal problems for his for-profit company. Previously, it was revealed that Trump has also used his foundation to illegally pay out donations to politicians,” and this latest revelation looks a whole lot like illegal “self-dealing.”

Jump forward a few hours and Trump was back to bragging about — what else — using “other people’s money” for his personal gain:

“It’s called OPM. I do that all the time in business, it’s called other people’s money. There’s nothing like doing things with other people’s money.”

Trump seems to think that his sketchy, likely illegal, dealings with his foundation prove he’s commander-in-chief material, but if anything it’s further evidence that he puts his own interests first and is fundamentally unfit for office. 

Published: Sep 20, 2016

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