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Friday, Sep 16 2016

Donald Trump Layers Lies On Top Of Lies

Sep 16, 2016

Donald Trump shamefully billed an infomercial for his hotel as a press conference this morning, and then, after a stark (alleged) reverse on his racist birther conspiracy theory, he lied twice more and then refused to take any questions from the press.

Matthew Yglesias summarized the event like this:

@mattyglesias: Trump acknowledged no factual error, expressed no remorse, and introduced new misinformation about the subject.

And Trump faced immediate, across the board criticism from the media. Watch more below:

Katy Tur, NBC Correspondent

MSNBCTrump said “that Hillary Clinton started this, which is not true, and that he ended it, which is also not true.”

Jake Tapper, CNN Anchor

CNN: “It’s hard to imagine this is anything other than a political rickroll.”

Rina Shah, Republican Strategist

Fox News: “He is a serial liar.”

Katy Tur, NBC Correspondent

MSNBC: “He did make a false statement on that stage.”

John King, CNN Chief National Correspondent 

CNN: “We got played, again, by the Trump campaign, Which is what they do.”

Kate Bolduan, CNN Anchor

CNN: “No one has gone as far as Donald Trump on the birther issue.”

Judge Alex Ferrer

Fox News: “He had an infomercial about Donald Trump.”

Kate Bolduan, CNN Anchor

CNN: “He personally, energetically has fueled with gasoline for five full years.”

Katy Tur, NBC Correspondent 

MSNBC: “He just stood there and looked at us.”

Jake Tapper, CNN Anchor

CNN: “Completely untrue.”

John King, CNN Chief National Correspondent

CNN: “Biggest flip-flop of this campaign”

Peter Alexander, NBC News National Correspondent

MSNBC: “Within the same thought, lied…”

Published: Sep 16, 2016

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