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News Wednesday, Sep 7 2016

Watch Trump Brag About Bribing Politicians Again And Again… And Again

Sep 07, 2016

Donald Trump has a record of bribing politicians to get what he wants — he’s even said so himself. Trump has spent decades scamming working Americans out of their hard earned money and getting away with it by paying off politicians. Now we know that Trump bribed Attorneys General in Florida and Texas to make their investigations into Trump University disappear. We can’t trust Trump to lead the country when he so brazenly breaks the law and illegally bribes politicians to get his own way.

Here’s Trump in his own words describing how he pays off politicians:

Clear Lake, IA, 1/9/16:

CNN interview, 7/18/15:

Akron, OH, 8/22/16

Fox News Primary Debate, 8/6/15

Fox News Primary Debate, 9/16/15

Published: Sep 7, 2016

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