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Press Releases Hung Cao Thursday, Jul 27 2023

GOP’s Top Recruit for VA-Sen Warned of Witchcraft Coming to Virginia in Bizarre Interview

Jul 27, 2023

Today, Business Insider reported on the bizarre comments Virginia Republican Senate candidate Hung Cao made in a recent interview, stating that we can’t let the “the Wiccan community” come to Virginia. Also in the interview, “Cao — a Vietnamese refugee— also remarked that he was African-American by virtue of having spent time in Niger as a child.”

If this is the GOP’s top recruit in Virginia…yikes!

Read the full story here.

Insider: GOP Senate candidate Hung Cao warns of ‘witchcraft’ happening in California: ‘We can’t let that happen in Virginia’

By Bryan Metzger | July 27, 2023

Key Quotes:

  • Hung Cao, a Republican running for US Senate in Virginia, warned in an interview this week that “witchcraft” has “taken over” in some parts of California.
  • In the interview with Sean Feucht — a California-based far-right pastor who led a movement against COVID-19 health restrictions and has rallied against “wokeness” at Disney — Cao lamented that Christianity has declined in influence in the United States over time, before referencing Wiccan communities in California.
  • “There’s a place in Monterey, California called ‘Lover’s Point,'” Cao says. “The original name was ‘Lovers of Christ Point, but now it’s become — they took out the Christ, it’s ‘Lover’s Point,’ and it’s really — Monterey’s a very dark place now, a lot of witchcraft, and the Wiccan community has really taken over there.”
  • “We can’t let that happen in Virginia,” he added.
  • Earlier in the interview, Cao — a Vietnamese refugee — also remarked that he was African-American by virtue of having spent time in Niger as a child.
  • “And I’m African-American because I grew up in Africa, too,” Cao interjected.
  • A spokesperson for Cao’s campaign did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Published: Jul 27, 2023 | Last Modified: Feb 1, 2024

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