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Wednesday, Jan 11 2023

SD7: Kevin Adams’ Anti-Abortion Rights Agenda Central to His Loss in VA Senate Race

Jan 11, 2023

Last night, Republican Kevin Adams, the Glenn Youngkin-endorsed Republican nominee in Virginia’s 7th Senate District, lost 2023’s first big special election, flipping the seat from red to blue.

Because Youngkin previously announced that he would be pushing for an extreme abortion ban in the state — despite the fact that a majority of Virginians do not support restrictions on access to reproductive health care — abortion rights were a critical touchstone in this special election.

American Bridge 21st Century was key in finding and pushing out research to Virginians that demonstrated the extent of Adams’ support of Youngkin and his own anti-abortion rights agenda:

This narrative was picked up by other in-state and national outlets and became key in the general dialogue about this race:

American Bridge was also successful in highlighting other troubling issues with Adams and his record to Virginia voters, including his anti-public education and anti-teacher statements, and his ties to radical anti-democracy figures like Roger Stone.

Published: Jan 11, 2023

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