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ICYMI: AB21’s Paid Media Blitz Makes Headlines

This week, American Bridge 21st Century launched their first round of ads in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. These ads are the first wave of a $140 million ad campaign against Donald Trump, primarily targeting women voters in suburban and exurban communities in key battleground states. They focus on one of the most important fights of this election cycle: abortion rights; and the threats another four years of…

News Press Releases Dave McCormick Wednesday, Apr 24 2024

Donald Trump Gets His Pick in Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate Race

Last night, Donald Trump-endorsed Republican candidate and Connecticut hedge fund executive Dave McCormick won the GOP primary in Pennsylvania's U.S. Senate race.…

News Press Releases Dave McCormick Friday, Feb 2 2024

Rise and Shine Pennsylvania! American Bridge 21st Century Celebrates Groundhog Day With New Video of GOP Senate Loser David McCormick

Okay, campers, rise and shine! It’s Groundhog Day and in honor of the GOP Senate field giving us a hearty helping of déjà…

Press Releases Doug Mastriano Friday, May 12 2023

ICYMI: Doug Mastriano likens his failed PA gubernatorial bid to Jews during the Holocaust

According to a new report from The Forward, Pennsylvania Republican Senate hopeful Doug Mastriano “recently compared his unsuccessful  2022 bid for Pennsylvania…

The Proxy Wars, Intraparty Fights, and Battle Royals Embroiling Senate Republican Primaries

Following recent reports that Senate Republicans are “again facing the risk of problematic candidates,” looming “intraparty fights,” and “primary wars,”…

Cat Got Your Tongue? Soon-to-be-Announced #PASen Candidate David McCormick Silent on Trump’s Indictment

While several wannabe GOP Senate candidates rush to Donald Trump’s defense following the Manhattan Grand Jury voting to indict the former president,…

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