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News Articles Press Releases Mehmet Oz Monday, Nov 14 2022

American Bridge Statement on John Fetterman Win

On the news that John Fetterman has won election to the Senate from Pennsylvania, American Bridge spokesperson Sarah Abel released the following statement: “New Jersey resident and TV personality Mehmet Oz is an extremist, a grifter, and a fraud, who has gotten rich while recklessly pushing debunked and baseless treatments. He tried to use those same tactics to bamboozle Pennsylvania voters, but it clearly didn’t…

News Articles Press Releases Mehmet Oz Thursday, Oct 20 2022

Oz Promoted Dubious Supplement For Companies “Accused of Operating Like a Pyramid Scheme”

According to a new report from the Associated Press, Pennsylvania Republican U.S. Senate nominee Mehmet Oz made millions of dollars as a snake…

Doug Mastriano Caught Outsourcing and Using Russian Stock Footage in Campaign Ad

As the Philadelphia Inquirer reported this morning, Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano was caught using foreign stock footage in a recent…

BridgeTogether and Co-Chair Deval Patrick Announce Grants to Pennsylvania Civic Engagement Groups To Combat Voter Suppression

During National Voter Registration Month, BridgeTogether, an initiative led by American Bridge 21st Century co-chair Gov. Deval Patrick that was launched in 2021…

On a Private Call With Anti-Choice Extremists, Doug Mastriano Swears to Pass Abortion Bans in PA

Despite weeks of failed attempts to hide his dangerous, anti-abortion rights beliefs, The American Independent revealed that Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano showed…

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