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Wednesday, Jul 28 2021

Pat Toomey Votes to Block Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal

Jul 28, 2021

Putting partisan politics first, Pat Toomey voted to block consideration of a bipartisan infrastructure deal to create good-paying jobs and invest in communities across the country

Today, U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey voted to block debate on a bipartisan infrastructure package that’s an investment in growing the economy and creating good-paying jobs in communities across Pennsylvania and the country.

In the weeks and months ahead, Pat Toomey will have to explain his position to voters, who know firsthand how much it would mean to send infrastructure dollars into communities across Pennsylvania. And voters will similarly expect answers from the GOP candidates running to replace Toomey, including Kathy Barnette, Jeff Bartos, Sean Parnell, and Carla Sands.

“Americans are sick and tired of Republicans in Congress standing in the way of investments in good-paying jobs, clean energy, and critical infrastructure like roads and bridges, clean water, and high-speed internet,” said Brad Bainum, American Bridge 21st Century spokesperson. “Toomey’s vote today proves to Pennsylvania voters that Republicans are the party of the rich and powerful — because just as Republicans always line up to pass tax giveaways to big corporations and the wealthy, they’re always the ones standing in the way of policies and programs that will lift up working families.”

Published: Jul 28, 2021 | Last Modified: Jul 29, 2021

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