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Chuck Grassley Marco Rubio Mitch McConnell Pat Toomey Richard Burr Robert Portman Ron Johnson Roy Blunt Wednesday, Oct 20 2021

Senate GOP Blocks Voting Rights and Election Security Bill

Oct 20, 2021

For the third time this year, Senate Republicans have once again voted to block and filibuster major voting rights and election integrity and security reforms, denying Democrats the 60 votes necessary to debate and fully consider the Freedom to Vote Act.

According to the Brennan Center for Justice, the Freedom to Vote Act would:

  • Crack down on campaign finance crimes, and increase transparency in our elections; 
  • Require safe, secure, and accountable paper ballots—and the use of transparent and trustworthy post-election audits;
  • Make voter registration easier, more accessible, and more secure;
  • Protect and secure early and election day voting, including voting by mail;
  • Expand and protect voting rights and electoral participation; and,
  • Crack down on partisan gerrymandering.

In accordance with Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell’s “hope and anticipation” that no Republican would vote to consider the critical voting bill, his entire conference voted to block the measure — including Senate incumbents on the ballot in 2022 like Ron JohnsonMarco RubioChuck Grassley, as well as retiring incumbents whose seats are up in 2022, such as Pat ToomeyRichard BurrRob Portman, and Roy Blunt.

“Voters want safe and secure elections where they can be confident that their vote is counted and matters. As Trump and the Republican Party continue to spread lies about the 2020 election, it’s shameful that Senate Republicans have once again filibustered a bill to secure our elections, limit the influence of corporate money in politics, and protect voters’ ability to hold corrupt politicians accountable,” said American Bridge 21st Century President Jessica Floyd. “We will make sure 2022 voters know that these candidates put partisan politics ahead of securing our elections and voting rights.”

Published: Oct 20, 2021

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