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Composite image of North Carolina GOP Senate candidates (L to R): Ted Budd, Pat McCrory, and Mark Walker

Mark Walker Pat McCrory Thursday, Aug 5 2021

North Carolina GOP Candidates Oppose Infrastructure Deal

Aug 05, 2021

According to a new report from the Raleigh News & ObserverNorth Carolina could receive “at least $8.7 billion in federal funding” for highways, bridges, public transportation, and rural broadband under President Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure agreement. Despite that, the top three North Carolina GOP Senate candidates — Ted Budd, Mark Walker, and Pat McCrory — are opposed to the bipartisan plan to invest in infrastructure and communities across the state.

Here’s what Budd, McCrory, and Walker are saying, according to the News & Observer:

  • Ted Budd: The Trump-endorsed congressman says he is “against the legislation as it currently stands,” even though the state will receive “$911 million to improve public transit options” and $457 million for North Carolina’s 1,460 bridges.
  • Mark Walker: The former U.S. Representative said he was proud of the 33 U.S. Senators” who voted “no” on the bill — even though it would send $100 million to the state for broadband infrastructure, to help connect the 424,000 North Carolinians who lack internet access.
  • Pat McCrory: The former Governor and failed candidate is “also against the package,” because, he claims, it doesn’t have “an Eisenhower-type vision” — even though the Tar Heel State could get $7.2 billion for state highway programs under the plan. 

If any of these candidates were in the U.S. Senate, North Carolina could stand to lose out on these critical investments in the state’s infrastructure, workers, and communities  — and that’s something that North Carolina voters will continue to hear about in the weeks and months ahead.

Read the full report from the News & Observer here

Published: Aug 5, 2021

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