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Wednesday, Jul 14 2021

More Pressure on Pat McCrory Over Straw Donor Scandal

Jul 14, 2021

WNCN-TV calls out McCrory for his silence on the FBI investigation

In case you missed it, North Carolina GOP U.S. Senate candidate Pat McCrory is continuing to snag headlines on the ongoing FBI investigation into Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s alleged illegal straw donor scheme that reportedly had DeJoy reimbursing former employees for campaign contributions they made to McCrory during his run for governor.

The latest report, from WNCN-TV, calls out McCrory and his team for their lack of transparency: 

“CBS 17 wants to know if McCrory knew about these donations at the time and is waiting for his response.”

While North Carolina voters may not yet know when McCrory first learned about these apparent illegal straw donations, they do know where McCrory stands on the expanded child tax credit, which begins hitting bank accounts starting tomorrow

McCrory has indicated he would have voted against the American Rescue Plan and its “bigger tax breaks” for families that North Carolina families are calling a “blessing.” 

Published: Jul 14, 2021

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