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Tuesday, Dec 15 2020

Our First Round of Georgia Runoffs TV Ads

Dec 15, 2020

The ads feature Matt, a pipefitter and lifelong Republican from Augusta, Georgia, who can no longer support Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue

Kelly Loeffler Ad
David Perdue Ad

American Bridge 21st Century will launch its first television ads of the Georgia runoffs today. The ads are part of a multi-million dollar program to help defeat corrupt Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue in the January 5th Georgia runoff election. The ads feature Matt, a lifelong conservative Republican from Augusta, Georgia, talking about why he can’t support Loeffler and Perdue in the runoffs. 

The ads begin running tomorrow in the Macon, Augusta, Albany, Chattanooga, and Tallahassee media markets, and are backed up by a $3.6 million dollar investment on tv and OTT. They’re part of a larger, multi-million dollar program American Bridge 21st Century announced last week designed to lower Perdue and Loeffler’s margins among rural-working class voters. The ad against Loeffler can be viewed here. The ad against Perdue can be viewed here.

“Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue are using their offices to make money for themselves while they slash funding for Georgia’s rural hospitals and support devastating cuts to Medicare and Social Security,” said American Bridge 21st Century President Bradley Beychok. “Georgia deserves better than these two corrupt politicians who are lining their own pockets while making life harder for Georgia families.” 

The multi-million dollar program follows American Bridge 21st Century’s successful efforts at lowering Donald Trump’s 2020 margins among rural working-class voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. In total, American Bridge 21st Century invested nearly $65 million over the course of its successful presidential paid media campaign. You can read more about our program in Georgia here.

Published: Dec 15, 2020 | Last Modified: May 11, 2021

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