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Monday, Dec 13 2021

“Political Civil War” Breaks Out Between David Perdue and Brian Kemp

Dec 13, 2021

The “political civil war” in Georgia’s gubernatorial race is heating up after David Perdue announced he will sue over the 2020 election – making Donald Trump’s “Big Lie” a central component of his “campaign to oust Gov. Brian Kemp.”

After losing his Senate seat in a January runoff and costing his party control of Congress, Perdue is eager to save his political image by being Trump’s attack dog. Right out of the gate, the failed one-term senator has echoed Trump’s dangerous and baseless election claims, using the lie to blame Kemp for his own failures.

But Kemp is “not scared” and won’t back down without a fight. Although he has received sharp criticism from the former president, Kemp believes his refusal to expand Medicaid, opposition to abortion, and support for restrictions on voter participation are out-of-touch enough to secure him the nomination.

In the middle of this ugly Republican primary is a vengeful Donald Trump. Trump has called the governor a “complete and total disaster” and is the person responsible for recruiting David Perdue “to run against him.”

As the Republicans fight amongst themselves, Democrats have united behind Stacey Abrams and are focused on rebuilding our infrastructure, expanding access to health care, and delivering relief for hardworking Georgians across the state


Published: Dec 13, 2021 | Last Modified: Dec 16, 2021

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