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Adam Laxalt with a concerned look - 7-8-22 (1)

U.S. Senate Nevada

Adam Laxalt

Adam Laxalt is a corrupt politician, anti-abortion crusader, shameless Big Liar who tried to overturn the election, and an opponent of Nevada workers and jobs. Laxalt has proven he’ll put corporate interests ahead of Nevadans, instead of backing policies to lower costs for families.

Adam Laxalt Monday, Mar 28 2022

“Anti-Abortion Candidate” Adam Laxalt Is Out-Of-Step With Nevadans

A new report from the Nevada Independent highlights that Nevada Republican U.S. Senate candidate Adam Laxalt is way out-of-step with Nevadans when it…

Adam Laxalt Wednesday, Mar 23 2022

230+ Days Before The Election, Adam Laxalt Keeps Talking About Preemptive Legal Challenges

Despite the numerous audits, recounts, failed court challenges, and investigations that confirmed there was no widespread fraud in the 2020…

Adam Laxalt Tuesday, Mar 15 2022

Why Do People Keep Trying To Bribe Adam Laxalt?

hat is it about Nevada Republican U.S. Senate candidate Adam Laxalt that attracts unscrupulous would-be pay-to-play schemers like eager moths to a light at dusk?

Coverage: At GOP Fundraiser, Trump Praises Putin’s “Smart” Attack On Ukraine

Last night, during a Mar-a-Lago fundraising event for 2022 Republican candidates — attended by North Carolina’s Ted Budd, Georgia’s Herschel Walker, and Nevada’s Adam Laxalt —…

Adam Laxalt Herschel Walker Ron Johnson Tuesday, Feb 15 2022

Coverage Roundup: New Infrastructure Initiatives Just Getting Started

Infrastructure projects and workers across battleground states are getting a big boost, but 2022 Republicans are steadfast in their opposition…

Five GOP U.S. Senate Fundraising Takeaways

The key storyline coming out of yesterday’s FEC filing deadline is that Democratic candidates are significantly outraising their Republican counterparts in key…

Adam Laxalt Thursday, Dec 16 2021

Adam Laxalt Is Invested In Pharma Stocks While Opposing Lower Drug Prices

A new report from the American Independent highlights that Nevada Republican U.S. Senate candidate and corporate special interest advocate Adam Laxalt’s household owns up…

Adam Laxalt Tuesday, Dec 7 2021

Laxalt Opposes Nevada Water Infrastructure Upgrades

According to the Nevada Appeal, Nevada is set to receive $71.6 million, “for water infrastructure repairs and upgrades,” as part of…

Adam Laxalt Tuesday, Nov 30 2021

Adam Laxalt Opposes Expanded Child Tax Credit, Despite Nevada Benefits

A new report from the Nevada Current highlights that President Biden and congressional Democrats’ expansion of the child tax credit is benefiting over…

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