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Tuesday, Feb 15 2022

Coverage Roundup: New Infrastructure Initiatives Just Getting Started

Feb 15, 2022

Infrastructure projects and workers across battleground states are getting a big boost, but 2022 Republicans are steadfast in their opposition to the bipartisan law

President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is continuing to make America more competitive, driving critical investments to provide better jobs, roads and bridges, waterways, and high-speed internet access. 

In Arizona, $26 million is going to environmental cleanup projects that will make neighborhoods safer. In Nevada, $30.5 million is going to transit projects that will connect the state and spur economic growth. And in Ohio, $10 billion is going to fix highways, with $33 billion more for competitive road project grants. 

As those investments begin boosting job-creation, some U.S. House Republicans who opposed the law are now unsurprisingly trying to take credit for projects the bill funds in their districts. 

However, on the Senate side, Republican candidates and incumbents have stood by their opposition to the law. In Wisconsin, Ron Johnson is standing by his “no” vote, despite admitting the bill was “good.” In Nevada, despite benefits for the Silver State, Adam Laxalt, “still do[es]n’t support it.” And in Georgia, Herschel Walker is doubling down on his opposition to the job-creation law while arguing that it’s “totally unfair” to ask him how he would have voted.

Read and watch the coverage from the past few weeks:


KNAU Arizona Public Radio: More the $26 million going to abandoned oil and gas well cleanup in Arizona

Arizona Public Media: Infrastructure act funds are on the way to Arizona

Tucson Sentinel:  Arizona to get millions for electric vehicle charging network


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “Georgia will receive $225 million in federal money to fix bridges over the next five years

WJBF: “Georgia received more than $73 million from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill […] This is just the first round of funds being dolled out for updates to dams, lakes and harbors” 


WILX 10: Over $16 million going toward building electric vehicle charging stations across Michigan

Michigan Radio: Whitmer will call for $1 billion in new infrastructure funding in budget


Mohave Valley Daily News: The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada receiving $16.2M from infrastructure bill


Associated Press: “President Joe Biden will visit Ohio next week to discuss the $1 trillion infrastructure law he signed last November.” Cleveland transit gets $22 million from bipartisan infrastructure bill

The Business Journal: Ohio to Receive $46.6M for Coal Mine Communities Through Infrastructure Law


TRIB Live: Pittsburgh to receive $30M for public transit in 1st infrastructure bill allocation

The American Independent: “On Jan. 14, the Transportation Department announced that Pennsylvania would receive $1.63 billion over the next five years to improve bridges across the state, of which more than $327 million will come in fiscal year 2022.


WQOW: “Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act […] includes $66 billion in funding for passenger and freight rail.”


Published: Feb 15, 2022 | Last Modified: Feb 22, 2022

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