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Donald Trump Wednesday, Aug 5 2020

American Bridge 21st Century Releases New Ads In $25 Million Swing State Effort

American Bridge 21st Century launched new ads in its multi-million dollar Swing County Project aimed at weakening Donald Trump’s support with seniors and the small-town, rural voters necessary to his reelection effort.

Bridge Together Deval Patrick Tuesday, Mar 22 2022

Bloomberg: BridgeTogether Using Grants to Fuel Turnout in Battlegrounds

Yesterday, Bloomberg News reported that BridgeTogether has announced a round of grants for voting rights organizations in Pennsylvania, Arizona, and…

Colorado Republican Senate Candidate Joe O’Dea Says He’d Support Cuts to Social Security and Medicare

The Colorado Times Recorder headline says it all: “GOP Sen. Candidate O’Dea Indicates Support for Reducing Medicare, Social Security.” During…

News Donald Trump Joe Biden Monday, Jul 27 2020

MEMO: State of the Race — 100 Days

Donald Trump is in trouble. With 100 days until Election Day, Trump has never been weaker with the very voters in the critical swing states he cannot win without.

With One Month Till Election Day, Rubio Backs Bill To Hike Prescription Drug Prices

Today, U.S. Senator from Florida Marco Rubio co-sponsored a bill to repeal the Inflation Reduction Act’s drug provisions. These provisions allow Medicare to negotiate…

AB Leadership Joe Biden Friday, Jul 23 2021

American Bridge 21st Century Releases New Georgia Ad

In ‘Bold Steps’, Macon Small Business Owner Touts American Rescue Plan Today, American Bridge 21st Century released a new ad…

Adam Laxalt Tuesday, Mar 15 2022

Why Do People Keep Trying To Bribe Adam Laxalt?

hat is it about Nevada Republican U.S. Senate candidate Adam Laxalt that attracts unscrupulous would-be pay-to-play schemers like eager moths to a light at dusk?

“The Claims […] Aren’t True”: Serial Liar Herschel Walker Repeatedly Lied About Working In Law Enforcement

Yesterday, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Georgia Republican U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker lied about being in law enforcement at…

Kristi Noem Monday, Jan 31 2022

Awash in Scandal, Another Disastrous Week for Kristi Noem

Despite unified GOP control in SD, Noem can’t even deliver on her right-wing priorities  Last week, from a series of…

Jim Lamon Mark Brnovich Monday, Jan 31 2022

Arizona Republican Jim Lamon Is In The Hot Seat

Arizona Senate candidate Jim Lamon is facing scrutiny for his unapologetic role as a fake "elector," who baselessly sought to send Arizona's electoral votes to Trump.

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