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War on Women

News Tuesday, Oct 4 2016

WATCH: Mike Pence is Donald Trump's Clean-Up Man

Ahead of tonight's vice presidential debate, American Bridge is releasing "Donald Trump's Clean-Up Man," a new digital ad that highlights…

News Wednesday, Sep 28 2016

Trump: Misogynistic To The Core

On the biggest stage of his life, Donald Trump couldn't resist falling back into the anti-woman rhetoric that's defined his…

News Tuesday, Sep 27 2016

What did Miss Universe Alicia Machado have to say about Trump?

"For sure he's not a good person." Do you think Donald Trump is a bully? "Yes, totally." Did he bully…

News Tuesday, Sep 27 2016

Trump is the Worst, the Absolute Worst–on Fox & Friends this Morning

Instead of repairing his meltdown from last night's debate, Donald Trump went on Fox & Friends to disparage Alicia Machado, the former…

News Monday, Sep 26 2016

Trump's War On Women

Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump has launched openly sexist attacks against journalists (e.g., calling Megyn Kelly a "bimbo"), defended past remarks calling women…

News Tuesday, Sep 13 2016

WATCH: Trump and Pence, Women Know Better

Donald Trump and Mike Pence have spent their entire careers marginalizing and insulting women. Pandering with vague policy proposals can't…

News Tuesday, Sep 13 2016

Trump's History Of Trashing Working Moms

Donald Trump's taken heat during his presidential run for launching openly sexist attacks against journalists (e.g., calling Megyn Kelly a…

News Monday, Sep 12 2016

What Hasn't Trump Apologized For?

For someone so insistent on demanding apologies, Donald Trump, at least by our count, hasn't apologized for anything. Here are…

News Tuesday, Aug 30 2016

American Bridge 21st Century & WOMEN VOTE! Release “Women Know Better”

Las Vegas, NV-- This week, American Bridge 21st Century and Emily's List's WOMEN VOTE! are releasing a new digital ad…

News Thursday, Jun 2 2016

WATCH: 'Putting a Wife to Work Is a Very Dangerous Thing'

Donald Trump, in a 1994 interview with ABC News, spoke at length about his personal life. As could be expected…

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