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Friday, Nov 4 2016

Trump On TX Official Who Called Clinton C-Word: "Wonderful Guy"

Donald Trump, on Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, who called Hillary Clinton the C-word: "And then you have this wonderful guy, Mr. Miller, Sid Miller..." WATCH:

Tuesday, Oct 11 2016


Down in the polls and a consensus debate loser who's being abandoned by members of his own party, Donald Trump…

Tuesday, Oct 11 2016

Shorter Burr: Trump Bragged About Assaulting Women ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Senator Richard Burr has made it abundantly clear that nothing will stop him from supporting Donald Trump in November. Now,…

Tuesday, Oct 11 2016

At "Women's" Event, Toomey Won't Call Trump Sexual Assault Disqualifying

This morning, Pat Toomey held a "Women for Toomey" event, but quickly exposed with the charade when he once again refused…

Monday, Oct 10 2016

Apparently Sen. Richard Burr Considers "It's Just Words" An Apology

Senator Richard Burr appears ready to accept the "completely unacceptable" comments from the 2005 tape of Donald Trump and vote for the…

Monday, Oct 10 2016

Toomey Doesn't Think It's Disqualifying For Trump To Brag About Sexual Assault

Today, Pat Toomey yet again cowardly refused to rule out supporting Donald Trump, despite learning last week that Trump brags about…

Saturday, Oct 8 2016

Roy Blunt's Silence Is Disqualifying

Senator Roy Blunt's silence in the face of Donald Trump boasting about how he sexually assaults women is disqualifying. The person Blunt…

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