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News Tuesday, Oct 4 2016

WATCH: Mike Pence is Donald Trump's Clean-Up Man

Oct 04, 2016

Ahead of tonight’s vice presidential debate, American Bridge is releasing “Donald Trump’s Clean-Up Man,” a new digital ad that highlights Mike Pence’s futile efforts to smooth over Donald Trump’s racist, sexist, and conspiracy theorist outbursts.

It’s Pence’s job to make Trump look more “presidential,” but he’s an abject failure in that regard, because all he does is agree with and try to justify Trump’s immaturity and divisiveness.

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler issued the following statement ahead of tonight’s VP debate:

“Mike Pence consistently defends Trump’s mass-deportation, racial profiling, and Muslim ban. And when Trump said that Putin is a stronger leader than President Obama, Pence readily agreed. Pence has even laughed off Trump’s incitement of violence against Clinton, calls for Russia to conduct cyber-espionage in the U.S., and claim that the President is the ‘founder of ISIS.’ Rather than admonish Trump, Pence has stood by him throughout, calling him a ‘bold truth-teller.’

“Pence is Trump’s supposed ‘clean-up man’; and his words are marginally more polished. But the reality is that Mike Pence has no interest in getting Trump to tone things down, because he, like the rest of Trump’s Republican enablers, is 100% on board with Trump’s divisive policies and rhetoric.”

Watch “Donald Trump’s Clean-Up Man” here:

Published: Oct 4, 2016

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