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News Saturday, Oct 8 2016

Roy Blunt's Silence Is Disqualifying

Oct 08, 2016

Senator Roy Blunt’s silence in the face of Donald Trump boasting about how he sexually assaults women is disqualifying. The person Blunt supports to be our commander in chief has called Mexicans rapists, attacked our servicemen and women, berated the parents of a soldier killed in Iraq, and much more.

Need more proof that Roy Blunt is only looking out for himself? Now we have tape of Trump saying that he sexually assaults women — in profane and graphic detail that is beneath any person, much less someone who aspires to be president of the United States.

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler issued the following statement on Blunt’s refusal to revoke his support for Trump:

“Today, Roy Blunt has proven that he supports everything that Donald Trump embodies — crude sexism that harms women and is a danger to those around him. Blunt’s decision to stand with Donald Trump — after knowing all that we know about him — is disqualifying.”

Published: Oct 8, 2016

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