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News Monday, Oct 10 2016

Apparently Sen. Richard Burr Considers "It's Just Words" An Apology

Oct 10, 2016

Senator Richard Burr appears ready to accept the “completely unacceptable” comments from the 2005 tape of Donald Trump and vote for the Assaulter in Chief. Today, Burr reaffirmed his support for Trump’s candidacy, saying that Trump had “apologized multiple times” for the video.

Over the weekend, Burr said, “I am going to watch his level of contrition over the next few days to determine my level of support.”  America saw Trump’s “level of contrition” last night and it doesn’t measure up.

Not only did Trump say it was “just words” when asked about the tape, he wouldn’t even answer whether he understood that he was describing sexual assault. There’s nothing contrite about Trump’s attitude towards women. Trump has spent a lifetime doing what he pleases and ignoring the consent or feelings of women. That should disqualify him for the presidency.

All of Trump’s previous offenses haven’t been enough for Senator Richard Burr and his fellow Washington insiders to jump off the Trump train — now, it’s clear nothing will. Burr is content to cast his ballot for Trump, ignoring how it will hurt North Carolina women and families.

Published: Oct 10, 2016

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