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Wednesday, Nov 2 2016

American Bridge Launches "#Everything2Lose"

Millennials to Millennial Voters: "We have everything to lose with Trump"   From American Bridge President Jessica Mackler: "Donald Trump has run an attack campaign since Day 1 against anyone who's challenged his racist, sexist, and divisive rhetoric, and American Bridge--through our tracking, research, and rapid response operation--has made sure voters know Trump is unfit to be president. When he isn't name-calling and fingerpointing, the…

Wednesday, Oct 19 2016

Toomey Doesn't Think Trump Has Done ANYTHING Disqualifying?

In a meeting with the PennLive Editorial board, Pat Toomey this morning effectively said he supports everything that Donald Trump has done…

Tuesday, Oct 11 2016


Down in the polls and a consensus debate loser who's being abandoned by members of his own party, Donald Trump…

Sunday, Oct 9 2016

Ten More Reasons Donald Trump Is Unfit To Serve As Commander in Chief

“Donald Trump did nothing tonight to stop his campaign’s self-induced freefall after the tape of his shameful remarks surfaced on…

Sunday, Oct 9 2016

Short-Tempered & Short-Sighted

Anyone whose foreign policy mantra is "I love war" cannot be trusted to keep Americans safe. Donald Trump repeatedly proves he's…

Sunday, Oct 9 2016

Unstable. Unpredictable. Unfit.

Donald Trump has proven time and time again that he is temperamentally unfit to be commander in chief.   When…

Saturday, Oct 8 2016

Roy Blunt's Silence Is Disqualifying

Senator Roy Blunt's silence in the face of Donald Trump boasting about how he sexually assaults women is disqualifying. The person Blunt…

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