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News Gun Safety Tuesday, Nov 1 2016

Just Like Trump: Burr Bans Newspaper, Jokes About Shooting Hillary

Nov 01, 2016

Senator Richard Burr was right when he said, “there’s no separation between me and Donald Trump.”  In less than 12 hours, Burr managed to ban a newspaper from covering his campaign and get caught making a joke about gun owners targetting Hillary Clinton. Pretty sure we’ve heard both of those before (here and here) from Trump himself.

Trump’s still getting in trouble for those and many more of his outrageous and offensive comments and actions. Now, one week before Election Day, Senator Burr’s already troubled campaign is in a death spiral. Burr better brush up his resume because his life as a Washington insider is finally coming to a close.

See the headlines that promise to follow Burr through November 8:

News & Observer: Richard Burr apologizes for joking about ‘bullseye’ on Hillary Clinton

WRAL: Reports: Sen. Richard Burr jokes about gun owners putting bullseye on Hillary Clinton

WCNC: Burr apologizes after bulls eye comment about Hillary Clinton photo

WUNC: Burr Apologizes For ‘Bullseye’ Comment About Clinton

WFAE: October Surprise Hits Richard Burr’s Re-Election Campaign

CNN: In private, Burr quips about gun owners shooting Clinton

USA Today: Burr jokes about gun owners putting a ‘bull’s-eye’ on Clinton

Huffington Post: GOP Senator Jokes About Shooting Hillary Clinton

Politico: Sen. Burr apologizes for suggesting Clinton should have a ‘bull’s-eye’ on her

Washington Post: Sen. Richard Burr apologizes after Clinton ‘bull’s eye’ remark

Daily Beast: North Carolina GOP Senator Jokes About Shooting Hillary Clinton

Roll Call: Burr Apologizes for ’Bull’s-eye’ Remark About Clinton

MSNBC: GOP senator apologizes after ‘inappropriate’ anti-Clinton joke

Vox: Leaked audio: Republican senator in key race joked about Hillary Clinton being shot

News & Observer: Richard Burr bans N&O from receiving notices of campaign events

Published: Nov 1, 2016

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