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News Sunday, Oct 9 2016

Ten More Reasons Donald Trump Is Unfit To Serve As Commander in Chief

Oct 09, 2016

“Donald Trump did nothing tonight to stop his campaign’s self-induced freefall after the tape of his shameful remarks surfaced on Friday,” said American Bridge 21st Century President Jessica Mackler. “Trump offered the same unacceptable non-apology and attempted to brush over the fact that he bragged about sexually assaulting women with denial. There’s already a mile-long list of reasons Trump can’t serve as president – from his shameful remarks about women, to the racism and hatred that he’s based his campaign upon, and tonight he added to that list. He showed us yet again that he is unstable, unhinged, and unfit to serve as Commander in Chief.”

After a year of leading a presidential campaign predicated on hatred, racism and sexism, Donald Trump proved once again just how unfit he is to serve as Commander in Chief. Everything about Trump’s performance tonight was shameful for someone seeking the office of the President. Here were the ten worst moments:

Published: Oct 9, 2016

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