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Thursday, May 19 2022

Greg Lopez Has A Plan To Rig Elections: “Stop Counting Each Vote Equally”

According to a new report from KUSA-TV, Colorado Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Lopez has put forward a plan that would rig elections in favor of Republicans: “Stop counting each vote equally.”  As governor, Lopez would propose legislation that eliminates the current one-person, one-vote system to create a Colorado electoral college, giving more voting power to rural, Republican counties in the state.  Colorado has not had…

Thursday, Oct 22 2020

NEW POLL: In MI & PA, Trump’s Fauci Attacks a Boon for Dems, Biden in Strong Position

Results spotlight strong Biden positions and trust in Dr. Fauci Today, American Bridge and PPP polls issued the results of…

Friday, Sep 18 2020

AWKWARD: Trump’s Campaign Manager Didn’t Vote For Him

“For a campaign that frequently equates boats with voter enthusiasm, it speaks volumes that Donald Trump’s own campaign manager couldn’t…

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