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Thursday, Feb 17 2022

AB21 Announces $10 Million Effort To Keep Elections Free and Fair

Feb 17, 2022

Yesterday, American Bridge 21st Century announced the launch of a $10 million effort to keep elections free and fair against Republican democracy-deniers. The “Bridge To Democracy” project will target GOP candidates running in 2022 and 2023 who rejected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election and are now running for offices across the country that have the power to oversee and overturn elections. 

The Bridge To Democracy project will center around a comprehensive opposition research program that will investigate local and state-level Republicans and use that information to win key elections. In the coming years, the project will likely expand across other states and will eventually add paid media in key races.

Core targets for this project include secretaries of state, attorneys general, governors, county boards of supervisors and boards of canvassers, state supreme courts and judicial races, and state legislators across 12 states where a fair election is vital for a democratic and legitimate 2024 presidential fight. 

Watch and read what they are saying about “Bridge To Democracy”:

MSNBC: “A group of Democrats has launched a new super PAC targeting Republican candidates that deny the results of the 2020 national election.  The organization, American Bridge 21st Century announced yesterday that it created Bridge to Democracy to target “extremist republicans who want to overturn our democracy and expose their dangerous ideas.” 

The New York Times: “The group has hired 22 researchers to scrub the records and public statements of candidates and officials running for statewide offices involved in election administration, along with the sort of races unlikely to garner attention outside of their communities: county boards of supervisors, boards of canvassers, local judges and state legislators.”

The Hill: “The initiative comes as former President Trump and many of his allies have still refused to admit Biden fairly won the 2020 election.”

NBC News: “The super PAC plans to target races in Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wisconsin.”

CNN: “Floyd said she views the project as a multi-year program to safeguard election administration ahead of the 2024 presidential contest.”

KARE-TV: “Officials with American Bridge 21st century say the group was created to work against politicians who believe the election in 2020 was fraudulent. It’s focusing on races in several states including Minnesota and Wisconsin.”

City and State Pennsylvania: “Given American Bridge’s background in opposition research, [Gov. Steve] Bullock said the $10 million campaign will focus on GOP candidates at the state and local levels who are campaigning on false claims about the 2020 election.”


Published: Feb 17, 2022 | Last Modified: Feb 22, 2022

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