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Third-Party Spoiler Candidates

Tuesday, Jan 9 2024

AB21 President: No Labels is the Most Dangerous Grift in America

“I've said it before, and I'll repeat it here: No Labels is a ratf*ck operation designed to spoil the election…

Wednesday, Aug 30 2023

ICYMI: A 6-figure Donald Trump donor is now a No Labels adviser

“Allan Keen, a Florida-based real estate developer and investor who gave more than $137,000 to Trump-related election entities last cycle,…

Tuesday, Jul 25 2023

BREAKING: Audio: No Labels leader says it’s a ‘flip of a coin’ whether a Democrat or Republican would be the third party’s 2024 presidential candidate

“No Labels is preparing to possibly field a third-party candidate in 2024…In audio obtained by Insider, one top leader said…

Monday, Jul 17 2023

ICYMI: New York Times: No Labels “Could greatly damage President Biden’s re-election campaign and hand the White House back to Donald J. Trump.”

“But were a centrist third-party candidate to enter the race, that candidate could take a much greater share of voters…

Friday, Jul 14 2023

ICYMI: AB21 President on No Labels’ Dangerous Spoiler Operation

Yesterday, American Bridge 21st Century President Pat Dennis joined Sirius XM’s Julie Mason Show to discuss the Republican-funded No Labels organization and their…

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