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Tuesday, Jan 9 2024

AB21 President: No Labels is the Most Dangerous Grift in America

Jan 09, 2024

“I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it here: No Labels is a ratf*ck operation designed to spoil the election in Donald Trump’s favor.”

Today, American Bridge 21st Century President Pat Dennis released an op-ed on Medium discussing the Republican spoiler operation, No Labels, and their efforts to send Donald Trump back to the White House.

Read the full op-ed here.

Medium: No Labels is the Most Dangerous Grift in America
By Pat Dennis, President of American Bridge 21st Century

I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it here: No Labels is a ratf*ck operation designed to spoil the election in Donald Trump’s favor.

As the president of the largest Democratic research organization in the country, American Bridge, we’ve spent the last year investigating their 2024 electoral plans, policy positions, leadership, and contractors.

Turns out, it’s all a right-wing grift with deep Trump connections.

Let’s start with No Labels’ “unity ticket” — also known as their strategy to “get on 50 state ballots and the District of Columbia in time to potentially offer our ballot line to an independent Unity ticket in 2024.”

Could a “unity ticket” win? No. Will a “unity ticket” hurt Joe Biden and help Trump? Yes.

No Labels’ chief strategist even admitted the electoral votes No Labels could win could be used as “bargaining chips.” A clear admittance they know they can’t win and are using Americans’ votes as pawns in a cynical and dangerous political game.

Even worse, No Labels can’t even figure out what their charade of a “unity ticket” is supposed to look like. First, they claimed they would “flip a coin” to see if a Republican or Democrat would be at the top of their ticket. Then, they fully committed to having a Republican as the presidential nominee and a Democrat as the Vice President nominee. And now they have shifted the goalposts even further, stating it could be a Republican and independent ticket.

To add inability to their stupidity, No Labels has only made it onto 13 state ballots despite pledging to be on 27 by the end of 2023.

You might be thinking, maybe they are just moderate idealists who are bad at their jobs with a fundamental misunderstanding of modern-day politics? Wrong.

They are right-wingers who are bad at their jobs with a clear understanding of modern-day politics.

No Labels is deeply intertwined with the MAGA and GOP world that would like nothing more than for a third-party spoiler to come in and throw the election towards Trump. The cast includes connections to Jared Kushner, donors like Clarence Thomas’ best friend Harlan Crow, and even the lawyer who defended Fox News during their defamation case with Dominion over the 2020 election — just to name a few.

They’ve also contracted with a shady right-wing firm that has worked for GOP white nationalists like Corey Stewart on ballot initiatives that would ban marriage equality and supported efforts to rig the electoral college further in the GOP’s favor.

To make matters worse, on one of the most important issues of this cycle — abortion rights — No Labels has endorsed the right-wing 15-week abortion ban that wiped out the GOP in Virginia last year.

Why would any moderates or self-proclaimed Democrats work for and with No Labels? The answer is simple: money.

In No Labels’ 2022 990 form (a summation of what their organization raises and spends), No Labels’ top six officials raked in $1.5 million while spending millions on ballot access. It pays to take the American people for a ride.

There is no sincerity in the grift that is No Labels. It would be laughable if what they were doing wasn’t so dangerous. Their entire effort — the fancy branding, big-name-former-elected-spokespeople, million-dollar pay-outs — is to throw the election to Trump.

Don’t let them tell you otherwise. Follow the money and listen to the researchers.

Published: Jan 9, 2024 | Last Modified: Apr 3, 2024

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