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Monday, Jan 22 2024

Political Roots: Unmasking No Labels with Philip Shulman

Jan 22, 2024

Today, American Bridge State Level Communications Director Philip Shulman joined the Political Roots podcast to debunk No Labels’ lies, their potential impact on the 2024 election, and the threat they pose to democracy.

Listen to the full podcast here.

Key Quotes:

  • “We actually found that early on [No Labels] were pushing the retirement age of Social Security and Medicare. They were pushing that, which is obviously something I think the American public as a whole — Republican, Democrat, and Independent — that’s not something the American people want.”
  • “Their efforts now only seem to help Trump’s reelection efforts, there’s nothing that they’re doing in earnest that is actually for the American people and that could actually help our country move forward.”
  • “Who would benefit to see Trump back in the White House? It’s people like that who, for whatever reason, they support Trump… those are a lot of the people running the show at No Labels. And it makes it that much clearer to us, based on a lot of these factors, that No Labels is there to throw the election to Trump.”
  • “I think that’s the most laughable thing about them at this point actually — the fact that we are less than 11 months away from the election and they can’t field a ticket.”
  • “That tax-exempt status that they have, it allows them to hide those donors. And it goes back to why they want to hide those donors. There’s a reason that they’re incredibly secretive, there’s a reason that no matter how many times the press asks them ‘Who is funding you?’ or ‘What are you doing?’ They won’t give an answer. And they like to hide behind is, ‘All we’re trying to do is get on the ballot.’ Okay great, you’re trying to get on the ballot but you can’t even tell us who is going to be on your ticket? And I think a big part of that is that they can’t get anyone serious to be on the ballot.”
  • “That’s where a lot of the real danger comes in, we know there are a lot of these Republicans who would love to see Trump in the White House again, but also know he’s going to have one hell of an uphill climb if it’s him and Joe Biden going at it. And that a ticket from No Labels would really help Trump get over the finish line.”

Published: Jan 22, 2024 | Last Modified: Apr 3, 2024

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