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Third-Party Spoiler Candidates

Wednesday, May 8 2024

RFK Jr.’s New Hire Downplayed Jan. 6 Because He Was There

This morning, NBC News announced the discovery of photos and videos showing RFK Jr. hire Zach Henry, who downplayed the January 6th…

Tuesday, May 7 2024

Kevin Spacey & Russell Brand: The Worst Celebrities You Know Endorse RFK Jr.

Name any repulsive character attribute and there is a good chance RFK Jr. has an endorsement from a celebrity who…

Wednesday, May 1 2024

ICYMI: Another RFK Jr. Hire EXPOSED as Jan. 6 Sympathizer

This morning, NBC News uncovered another RFK Jr. hire with insurrectionist sympathies and ties to hard-right Republicans like Vivek Ramaswamy, Blake Masters,…

Friday, Apr 5 2024

ICYMI: RFK Jr.’s Campaign Reeling After VP Announcement

It’s been over a week since RFK Jr. announced billionaire Nichole Shanahan as his running mate, and contrary to conventional…

Thursday, Apr 4 2024

BREAKING: American Bridge 21st Century Response to No Labels Dropping Their Grift

In response to No Labels dropping their grift to put forward a third-party spoiler ticket, American Bridge President Pat Dennis released…

Thursday, Apr 4 2024

Meet the No Labels Pinterest Page: “Despicable Me” Minions and Sunsetting All Federal Regulations After 15 Years

In what is another example of how unserious the grifting spoiler group No Labels is, they’ve rolled out a number…

Tuesday, Mar 26 2024

American Bridge 21st Century Statement on RFK Jr. Announcement

After spending weeks floating numerous unqualified names such as New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rogers as potential running mates, RFK Jr. today…

Tuesday, Mar 26 2024

ICYMI: RFK Jr. Campaign & PAC Funded By Man Who Killed His Brother

Hours ahead of RFK Jr. announcing the other half of a presidential ticket with no chance of winning in November, the Daily…

Thursday, Mar 21 2024

BREAKING: Chris Christie Flip-Flops, Says He Is Open to Joining the No Labels Spoiler Ticket

“Joining a No Labels ticket would mark quite the turnaround for Christie, who called the effort a ‘fool’s errand’ last…

Monday, Jan 22 2024

Political Roots: Unmasking No Labels with Philip Shulman

Today, American Bridge State Level Communications Director Philip Shulman joined the Political Roots podcast to debunk No Labels’ lies, their potential impact on the…

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