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News Saturday, Feb 20 2016

Marcomentum Gives Way To Reality, As Rubio Yet Again Fails To Meet Expectations

Just over two weeks ago, Marco Rubio was touting his third-place finish in Iowa as "beating expectations," despite losing to Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. His campaign framed it as an affirmation of his prospects moving forward, and a sign that their "3-2-1" plan was going exactly as planned. Enter New Hampshire, where Rubio's disappointing fifth-place finish ruptured his polished expectations-machine. Coming in behind Trump, John…

News Marco Rubio Sunday, Feb 7 2016

RubioBot Called Out For His "Computer Algorithmic" Style By NH Press Months Ago

Marco Rubio's getting rave reviews for his expert robot impression at last night's debate. But "RubioBot" is not a new…

News Marco Rubio Sunday, Feb 7 2016

American Bridge’s Marco Roboto & Rubio Talking Point 3000 Take New Hampshire By Storm

American Bridge thought the Marco Rubio campaign might need some backup while they reboot the RubioBot to avoid another debate…

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