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Wednesday, Feb 17 2016

Rubio: I'll Talk To You — Just Don't Ask Me Any Questions

Feb 17, 2016

As a FIU professor, Marco Rubio was somewhat absent for his students to ask him questions. These days, Rubio isn’t fielding questions from voters, either.

Rubio’s press team did a great job convincing the media that he’d adjusted his campaigning to reflect a “new, low-key style” over the last week. But as soon as the last puff-piece posted, Rubio quickly reverted back to his standard talking points, once more refusing to take questions. But who can blame him: It’d be a disaster if RubioBot gets stuck in loop mode again.

These days, Rubio’s “town hall” events in South Carolina are a lot more “lecture” than “town hall” — though, to be fair, given Rubio’s failure to show up for work as a professor, he doesn’t have too much experience with the former, either.

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Published: Feb 17, 2016

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