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News Monday, Jul 25 2016

Post RNC, McCrory & Burr Are All In For A Trump White House

After listening to a week's worth of fear mongering and race baiting at the Republican Trump National Convention, Governor Pat McCrory and Senator Richard Burr have one thing to say: sign me up! Today, Senator Burr and Governor McCrory are making no bones about the fact that they are all in for the Party of Trump. Both Republicans will join Trump and VP nominee Mike Pence tonight in Winston-Salem,…

News Thursday, Jul 21 2016

Ted Cruz Torches Trump's Convention

Earlier in the week, Donald Trump did an hour-long interview with the Golf Channel as counter-programming to his own convention.…

News Wednesday, Jul 20 2016

Marco Rubio Thinks Trump's "Wholly" Unfit To Be President — But Will Vote For Him & Likes His Policies

Marco Rubio knows who the real Donald Trump is -- but he's supporting him and speaking on his behalf tonight…

News Wednesday, Jul 20 2016

Day Three: Make America Reactionary Again

Donald Trump's insurgent campaign has often been compared to that of Barry Goldwater's far-right run in 1964. The speakers featured…

News Tuesday, Jul 19 2016

WATCH: Chaos And Extremism Take Over RNC Day 1

From claims that only white people "contribute to civilization," that being transgender is "the height of absurdity," doubling down on calling…

News Tuesday, Jul 19 2016

Day Two: "Make America Unemployed Again"

After a year-long fiasco of a campaign with little more sophistication than a third grade student council contest, it's no surprise…

News David Clarke Monday, Jul 18 2016

Day One: "Making America Unsafe Again"

The extremism of Donald Trump's Republican Party will be on full display from the start of proceedings today (chaotic rules…

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