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News Wednesday, Jul 20 2016

Marco Rubio Thinks Trump's "Wholly" Unfit To Be President — But Will Vote For Him & Likes His Policies

Jul 20, 2016

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Marco Rubio knows who the real Donald Trump is — but he’s supporting him and speaking on his behalf tonight anyway. During the presidential primary, Rubio (quite correctly) implied that Trump is racist and called Trump a “con artist” who is “wholly unprepared to be president of the United States.” Even now, Rubio doesn’t believe Trump can be counted on to be a composed, mature leader — and he still doesn’t think Trump can be trusted with the nuclear codes.

Yet here’s Rubio, shilling for a man he once mocked for having small handswetting his pants, and being “orange.”

Why? Because Rubio can’t help himself — he likes Donald Trump’s policies.

Across these issues and plenty of others — including marriage equality, equal pay, paid family leave, health care, tax cuts for the wealthy few, and more — Marco Rubio and Donald Trump are in close agreement.

Marco Rubio recognizes that Donald Trump is unstable and fundamentally unfit to be commander in chief, but he backs Trump’s policy agenda and he’ll do and say whatever it takes to get Trump in the White House and Trump-appointed justices on the Supreme Court.


Rubio Echoes Trump

When it comes to policy, “Little Marco” is Trump-lite.

Rubio and Trump share views on a number of policy issues, including:

✓  Both pledged to “repeal” the Affordable Care Act.

✓  Both pledged to defund Planned Parenthood.

✓  Both oppose common core and have promised to “eliminate” the Department of Education.

✓  Both opposed the right of same-sex couples to marry.

✓  Both have pledged to “deport” undocumented immigrants, roll back Deferred Action for Parental Accountability (DAPA) And Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) executive actions, and defund sanctuary cities.

✓  In regards to the rights of Muslims, Rubio “echoed Trump” and called for the closure of mosques and “anyplace” that “radicals are inspired.”

✓  Both Trump and Rubio opposed accepting Syrian refugees.

✓  Both opposed raising the federal minimum wage.

✓  Both opposed equal pay legislation, which, in the words of Rubio was a “waste of time” and, according to Trump, was a “fight [that] needs to come from women, not the government.”

Affordable Care Act

Trump Pledged To Repeal And Replace Obamacare

[Video] Trump:  “The One Thing We Have To Do Is Repeal And Replace Obamacare.”“The one thing we have to do is repeal and replace Obamacare. It is a disaster. People’s — I don’t know if you have been watching lately over the last couple of weeks — people’s premiums, George, are going up 35 percent, 45 percent, 55 percent. Their deductibles are so high nobody’s ever going to get to use it. So it is — ObamaCare is turning out to be a bigger disaster than anybody thought.”  [“This Week,” ABC, 10/25/15; 151025_JF_1248_A]

Rubio Signed A Repeal Pledge

[Video] Rubio: “I Want To Fully Repeal Obamacare.”  [“On the Record,” Fox News, 10/30/13; 131030_26_26924_RUBIO]

Rubio Signed The Signed The ObamaCare Repeal Pledge. According to a press release by Marco Rubio’s campaign, “Today, Independent Women’s Voice announced that Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) has signed the ObamaCare Repeal Pledge. ‘Over the last five years, ObamaCare has revealed the painful consequences of big government,’ said Senator Rubio. ‘We need leaders who will repeal ObamaCare and replace it with consumer-centered care.’” [Marco Rubio Campaign, 7/16/15]


Same Position On Defunding Planned Parenthood

Trump Pledged To Defund Planned Parenthood

Trump On Planned Parenthood, 2015: “Absolutely, They Should Be Defunded.” According to The Blaze, “Outspoken GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump weighed in on the current controversy surrounding Planned Parenthood on The Blaze TV Tuesday night, calling the group’s practice of selling parts of aborted fetuses ‘disgusting.’ “Absolutely, they should be defunded,” Trump told Blaze TV host Dana Loesch.” [The Blaze, 7/21/15]

Rubio On Planned Parenthood: “I’m Going To Vote To Defund It”

[Video]  Rubio: “I’m Going To Vote To Defund It.  I Have Problems With What Planned Parenthood Does.”  “First of all, no program can be untouched. This notion by some of my colleagues here that this program can’t be touched and somehow it can’t be on the table is absurd. I don’t care what they do. There’s no program in our budget that should be off the table in terms of looking at it and understanding whether it’s justified or not. Second of all, we simply can’t afford to continue fund things like this. We are adding $12 trillion to our debt over the next ten years. That’s outrageous. I’m going to vote to defund it. Third, I have problems with what Planned Parenthood does and ultimately what the aim of their organization is. And it’s not their stated aims, it’s what they actually do.”  [“Fox and Friends,” Fox News, 4/14/11; 110414_MM_71639_A]


Common Core

Trump Called Common Core A Disaster

Trump, 2015: “Common Core Has To Be Ended. It’s A Disaster.” According to Breitbart, “Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump denounced Common Core as a ‘disaster’ and ‘a way of taking care of the people in Washington’ who don’t ‘give a damn about education’ at the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa on Saturday. Trump said, ‘Common Core has to be ended. It’s a disaster. It’s a way of taking care of the people in Washington that, frankly, I don’t even think they give a damn about education, half of them. And I’m sure some of you maybe do.’” [Breitbart, 7/18/15]

Rubio Opposed Common Core

2014: Rubio Opposed Common Core. According to the Washington Post, “Bush and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) both back the Common Core standards, but opponents include Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), Sen. Ted Cruz (R- Tex.) and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R). Jindal was once a strong supporter of the Common Core standards but now is fighting with his own state education leaders in an effort to drop them.” [Washington Post, 11/20/14]

Supported Ending The Department Of Education

Trump Called For Eliminating The Department Of Education

Trump: “The Department Of Education Is Massive And It Can Be Largely Eliminated.”Town Hall. Hannity: Would you eliminate any departments? Trump: Oh absolutely. First of all — First of all, first of all, we want to bring education back to Wisconsin, right? Right? So we end Common Core, and Department of Education can — I mean, the Department of Education is massive and it can be largely eliminated. Now you maybe want to have a little bit of, you know, tentacles out there, make sure everything — but largely we can eliminate the Department of Education. Department of environmental, I mean, the DEP is killing us environmentally. It’s just killing our businesses. That can be state. [Fox News’ Hannity: 160404_MLA_134, 4/4/16]

Rubio Called For Eliminating The Department Of Education

[Video]: Marco Rubio:  “Get Rid Of The Department Of Education.”  “Here is a better idea, get rid of the department of education and lets put power back in the hands of state and local governments.”  [Marco Rubio, Americans for Prosperity Defending the Dream Summit, Columbus, OH, 8/22/15; 150822_MC_335]

Equal Pay Legislation

Trump Did Not Think Equal Pay Was An Important Government Consideration

2011: Trump Suggested Mothers Did Not Deserve To Be Paid As Much As Men

2011: When Asked About Paying Mothers Less Than Men In The Same Jobs, Trump Said: “An Employer Could Say She’s Not Giving 100 Percent, She’s Giving Me 84 Percent, And 16 Percent Is Going Towards Taking Care Of Children. So Maybe You Can Understand The Employer’s Point Of View.” According to The Huffington Post, “The gender imbalance in Trump’s campaign is hardly surprising, given some of the comments he’s made in the past about women in the workplace. When MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski asked Trump in 2011 whether it’s fair to pay women who are mothers less than men in the same role, Trump essentially said yes. ‘An employer could say she’s not giving 100 percent, she’s giving me 84 percent, and 16 percent is going towards taking care of children,’ Trump said. ‘So maybe you can also understand the employer’s point of view.’” [Huffington Post, 5/25/16]

2015: Trump Claimed Equal Pay Was Women’s Fight, Not A Government Responsibility

NYT, 2015: Trump Claimed The Equal Pay Fight Needs To Come From Women, Not The Government. According to the New York Times, “What will you do to make sure women are paid equally to men? Mr. Trump praised his daughter: ‘Women really respect Ivanka,’ he said. ‘Government should not be involved’, he added, and ‘women need to fight for their pay.’” [New York Times, 11/19/15]

[Video] Asked About His Position On Equal Pay Trump Said “It’s Too Early In The Morning To Ask That Question.”  [“Morning Joe,” MSNBC, 8/20/15; 150820_MM_76010_A]

Rubio Thought Equal Pay Was A Waste Of Time

[Video] Rubio:  “We’re Wasting Time” On Equal Pay Legislation In The Senate.  “The proposals before the Senate now are really geared towards making it easier to sue an employer.  Again, I understand the political benefit of highlighting that and why they’re doing it, but it isn’t going to solve the core of the problem and I just think we’re wasting time.”  [“The Lead with Jake Tapper,” CNN, 4/8/14; 140408_MM_71944_A]

LGBTQ Rights

Opposed Same Sex Marriage

Trump Opposed Same-Sex Marriage

[Video] Trump:  “I’m Not” For Gay Marriage.  Howard Stern:  Go on the record.  You’re for gay marriage.  Donald Trump:  Well, I’m not.  Stern:  Really?  Trump:  Yeah.  Host:  What does gay marriage do to marriage, Donald?  Trump:  It’s not an argument that I really want to – because it’s never been an argument that’s been discussed with me very much.  People know it’s not my thing one way or the other.”  [Howard Stern Show, 2/6/13; 130206_JF_1269_A]

Rubio Opposed Gay Marriage

Rubio: “We Are Going To Be A Country That Says ‘That Marriage Is Between One Man And One Woman.” While appearing at CBS News Republican Debate, Marco Rubio said, “RUBIO: […] We are going to be a country that says that, ‘life begins at conception and life is worthy of the protection of our laws.’ We’re going to be a country that says. ‘that marriage is between one man and one woman.’ We are going to be a country that says, ‘the constitution and the rights that it talks about do not come from our president, they come from our creator.’ We are going to be loyal to our allies like Israel, not enemies like Iran. And we will rebuild the U.S. military so no one will there test it. Vote for me. I will unify this party. I will grow it.” [Washington Post, 2/13/16]


DAPA/DACA Executive Actions

Trump Pledged To Repeal

[Video] Donald Trump:  “I Will Immediately Terminate President Obama’s Illegal Executive Order On Immigration.” [Donald Trump, Presidential Campaign Announcement, New York, NY 6/16/15; 150616_MM_69617_A] 

[Video] Trump Said He Would Rescind DACA And DAPA. Donald Trump: The executive order gets rescinded. One good thing about– Chuck Todd: You’ll rescind that one, too? Trump: One good thing about– Todd: You’ll rescind the DREAM Act executive order– Trump: You’re going to have to. Todd: DACA? Trump: We have to make a whole new set of standards. And when people come in, they have to come in legally.”  [“Meet the Press,” NBC, 8/16/15; 150816_JF_1226_A]

Rubio Pledged To Repeal DACA AND DAPA

Rubio: I Will Repeal DACA On Adults And “DACA Needs To End Too” And The People That Are On It Now “Would Not Be Allowed To Re-Register.” While appearing on State Of The Union, “TAPPER: One of the things Cruz said is that you gave an interview to Univision’s to Jorge Ramos in which you said in Spanish that you would not try to undo the executive actions President Obama made when it came to illegal — RUBIO: That’s also inaccurate. That just never happened. What I’ve always said is that the president’s DACA on adults needs to be — well now it’s being stayed by a court, but I’ll repeal it, and DACA needs to end, too. And I’ve always said that. The only thing with DACA is, you know, people that are on it now would not be allowed to re-register and we shouldn’t be adding new people to it. And that’s consistently my position. So, it’s just not accurate. I mean, at the end of this election here, he’s just making stuff up. And it’s strange, given, you know, the formidable organization that he has here in Iowa. He’s obviously spooked by something. And so we expect the kitchen sink here in the next 48 hours.” [Federal News Service, 1/31/16]

Rubio Said “I Do Not Support DAPA”

[Video] NOVEMBER 2015:  Rubio: “I Do Not Support DAPA.” Reporter:  Can I clarify your position on that?  You would see those four million plus immigrants deported?  Marco Rubio:  We need to enforce our law and I do not support DAPA.  It’s unconstitutional.  It’s the wrong way to do this and, quite frankly, we need to begin to enforce our immigration laws in this country or we don’t have immigration laws.”  [“CBS This Morning,” CBS, 11/11/15; 151111_MM_74099_A]


Trump Pledged To Deport Undocumented Immigrants

Trump, 2015: “People That Have Come Into Our Country Illegally, They Have To Go.”According to a transcript of the December 16th, 2015 Republican presidential debate produced by TIME Magazine, “I have a very hardline position, we have a country or we don’t have a country. People that have come into our country illegally, they have to go. They have to come back into through a legal process” [TIME Magazine, 12/15/15]

Rubio Said “We Are Going To Have To Deport Some People”

[Video] Rubio: “We Are Going To Have To Deport Some People.” While appearing on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom, Marco Rubio said, “We are going to have to deport some people. Otherwise, if you’re not going to enforce your laws, what’s the point of having those laws? Criminals are going to be deported. People that haven’t been here very long are going to be deported. People overstaying VISAs are going to be deported. That’s how you enforce immigration laws. The flip side of it is – I do not believe you can round up and deport 11 million people, especially people that have been here 15 years, have not otherwise violated the law, can pass background checks and so forth.” Hemmer calls Rubio out for “trying to ride the middle line.” Rubio denies that he is riding the middle line, before repeating everything he just said. Then he bashes the media for covering politics “like a support.” [Fox News’s America’s Newsroom w/ Bill Hemmer – Martha MacCallum: 151112_MM_74193_A.mp4, 11/12/15]

Sanctuary Cities

Trump Pledged To Defund Sanctuary Cities

Trump, 2015: “Defund Sanctuary Cities. Cut-Off Federal Grants To Any City Which Refuses To Cooperate With Federal Law Enforcement.” According to the Donald Trump campaign, “Defund sanctuary cities. Cut-off federal grants to any city which refuses to cooperate with federal law enforcement.” [Donald Trump Campaign, 2015]

Rubio Pledged To Defund Sanctuary Cities

Rubio Said In The “Hundreds” Of “Sanctuary Cities” In The Country, “Illegal Immigrants Who Commit Crimes Can Often Be Released, Free To Endanger Their Communities Again.” On Marco Rubio’s website, he said, “‘Sanctuary cities’ are local governments — towns, cities, and counties — that prevent or discourage their law enforcement officers from cooperating with federal immigration authorities. In hundreds of such jurisdictions across the country, illegal immigrants who commit crimes can often be released, free to endanger their communities again, without federal authorities ever having the chance to remove them from the country.” [, accessed 11/12/15]

  • Rubio Called For Cutting Off “Sanctuary Cities” From Federal Grant Programs.On Marco Rubio’s website, he said, “Fortunately, the federal government can do something about it. Marco is fighting for legislation to end sanctuary cities that will: Cut sanctuary cities off from certain federal grant programs, including law-enforcement and community-development grants.” [, accessed 11/12/15]

Muslims & Syrian Refugees

Mosque Closures

Rubio Echoed Trump On Rights Of Muslims

Peter Beinart: “Rubio Echoed Trump When It Came To The Rights Of Muslims.” In a The Atlantic op-ed Peter Beinart wrote, “Rubio echoed Trump when it came to the rights of Muslims, too. Asked in a January debate about Trump’s call for banning Muslim immigration, Rubio praised the billionaire for having ‘tapped in to some of that anger that’s out there about this whole issue because this president has consistently underestimated the threat of ISIS.’ Then, after talking about how awful ISIS is, Rubio declared that, ‘When I’m president. If we do not know who you are, and we do not know why you are coming when I am president, you are not getting into the United States of America.’ The listener who didn’t already know Rubio’s position might well have thought he supports Trump’s plan. When asked about Trump’s call for closing mosques, Rubio did Trump one better, declaring that, ‘It’s not about closing down mosques. It’s about closing down any place—whether it’s a cafe, a diner, an Internet site—any place where radicals are being inspired.’” [The Atlantic, 2/1/16]

Trump Pledged To Close Mosques

[Video] Trump Said He Would Have “Absolutely No Choice” But To Shut Down Mosques:  “Some Bad Things Are Happening, And A Lot Of Them Are Happening In The Mosque And You’re Going To Have To Do Something.”  Sean Hannity:  A lot of news was made after you suggested that there might be mosques in America that need to be shut down. Can you go into more detail? Donald Trump: Well, you’re going to have to do something. They’re coming out of — some bad things are happening, and a lot of them are happening in the mosque and you’re going to have to do something. And I’m not the only one saying this. Other countries are saying this, frankly. But some really bad things are happening! Hannity: If you see that there’s plotting and planning and talk of jihad and terroristic threats that we think might be talked about in these places, if we can prove that, in that case, you would shut them down.Trump: Nobody wants to say this and nobody wants to shut down religious institutions or anything, but you know, you understand it. A lot of people understand it. We’re going to have no choice! There’s absolutely no choice. Some really bad things are happening, and they’re happening fast. I think they’re happening a lot faster than anybody understands, too, certainly a lot faster than our president understands because he doesn’t understand anything. He doesn’t get it, refuses to even call it by its correct name!”  [“Hannity,” Fox News, 11/17/15; 151117_JF_1276_A]

Rubio Said It Was “Not Just About Closing Down Mosques” But “Closing Down Anyplace” That “Radicals Are Being Inspired”

[Video] Rubio, Responding To Trump’s Vow To Close Mosques: It Was “Not Just About Closing Down Mosques” But “Closing Down Anyplace” That “Radicals Are Being Inspired,” So We Should Look At “Whatever Facility Is Being Used.” While Appearing on The Kelly File, Marco Rubio was asked about Donald Trump’s pledge to shut down mosques,“It’s not about closing down mosques. It’s about closing down anyplace — whether it’s a cafe, a diner, an internet site — anyplace where radicals are being inspired. The bigger problem we have is our inability to find out where these places are, because we’ve crippled our intelligence programs, both through unauthorized disclosures by a traitor, in Edward Snowden, or by some of the things this president has put in place with the support even of some from my own party to diminish our intelligence capabilities. So whatever facility is being used — it’s not just a mosque — any facility that’s being used to radicalize and inspire attacks against the United States, should be a place that we look at.”[Fox News’ The Kelly File: 151119_MM_74609_A.mp4, 11/19/15]

[Video] Rubio Said He Would Consider Closing Down Mosques As Well As “A Café, A Diner, An Internet Site, Anyplace Where Radicals Are Being Inspired.” ““Megyn Kelly:  One of your fellow candidates, Donald Trump, was suggesting that we may need to close mosques that have problems with radicals at the top.  What do you say?  Marco Rubio:  I think we need to target radicalism.  A lot of it is actually happening online, not simply in mosques.  The vast majority of – Kelly:  But the mosque piece of it is the controversial piece, so where do you stand on that?  Rubio:  I think it’s not about closing down mosques.  It’s about closing down any place, whether it’s a café, a diner, an internet site, anyplace where radicals are being inspired.   The bigger problem we have is our inability to find out what these places are because we’ve crippled our intelligence programs, both through unauthorized disclosures through a traitor in Edward Snowden or by some of the things this president has put in place with the support, even, of some from my own party to diminish our intelligence capabilities.  Whatever facility is being used – it’s not just a mosque, any facility that’s being used to radicalize and inspire attacks against the United States should be a place that we look at.” [“Kelly File,” Fox News, 11/19/15; 151119_MM_74609_A]

Opposed Accepting Refugees From Syria

Trump Opposed Syrian Refugees Coming To United States

Trump: “The Syrians – I Don’t Want Them Coming In.” Interview. Trump: The Syrians – I don’t want them coming in. I don’t mind building a safe zone and helping to build a safe zone in Syria. But we can’t take people in who are undocumented. We can’t take people in who may be related in some form to ISIS. And we have to be very tough in this country. What Merkel did to Germany is a shame. It’s a sad sad shame what’s happened to Germany. [iTV’s Good Morning Britain, 3/25/16]

Rubio Opposed Accepting Syrian Refugees

[Video] Rubio:  “We Won’t Be Able To Take More Refugees” From Syria. “Background checks are required now.  The problem is not the background checks.  The problem is we can’t background check them. You can’t pick up the phone and call Syria and that’s one of the reasons why I’ve said we won’t be able to take more refugees. It’s not that we don’t want to, it’s that we can’t because there’s no way to background check someone that’s coming from Syria. Who do you call and do a background check on them?  The bottom line is that this is not just a threat coming from abroad.  What we need to open up to and realize is that we have a threat here at home — homegrown violent extremists, individuals that perhaps have not even traveled abroad who have been radicalized online. This has become a multifaceted threat. In the case of what’s happening in Europe, this is a swarm of refugees and as I’ve said repeatedly over the last few months, you can have 1,000 people come in, and 999 of them are just poor people fleeing oppression and violence, but one of them is an ISIS fighter. If that’s the case, you have a problem, and there’s no way to vet that out. There’s no background check system in the world that allows us to find that out because who do you call in Syria to background check them?” [“This Week,” ABC, 11/15/15; 151115_MM_74311_A]

Minimum Wage

Trump Opposed Minimum Wage Increase

Trump, 2015: “I Don’t Want To Raise The Minimum Wage.” According to The Hill, “He wouldn’t go into specifics, but promised he would create jobs if elected president. ‘I don’t want to raise the minimum wage. I want to create jobs so people can get much more than that, so they can get five times what the minimum wage is,’ said Trump.” [The Hill, 7/23/15]

[Video] Trump:  “Having A Low Minimum Wage Is Not A Bad Thing For This Country.”“Now, I want to create jobs so that you don’t have to worry about the minimum wage, you’re doing a great job, and you’re making much more than the minimum wage, but I think having a low minimum wage is not a bad thing for this country.”  [“Morning Joe,” MSNBC, 8/20/15; 150820_MM_76010_A]

Rubio Opposed Increasing Minimum Wage

 Rubio said: “I’m not in favor of getting rid of the minimum wage completely, what I’ve argued against is increasing it.” [Rubio discussion at Civic Hall, 20:00,, 10/6/15]

[Video] Rubio Called Raising The Minimum Wage A “Disaster.”  “If I thought that raising the minimum wage was the best way to help people increase their pay, I would be all for it, but it isn’t.  In the 21st century, it’s a disaster.”  [Marco Rubio, Fox Business Debate, Milwaukee, WI,11/10/15]

Nomination Of Merrick Garland

Trump Called On The Republican Party To Help Him Pave The Way To Appoint Supreme Court justices

Trump Tweet, 2016: “Hopefully The Republican Party Can Come Together And Have A Big WIN In November, Paving The Way For Many Great Supreme Court Justices!”[Twitter- Donald J. Trump, 3/23/16]

Rubio Supported Senate Republican Efforts To Delay the Supreme Court Nomination

Rubio Refused To Meet With, Supported Delaying Nomination Of Merrick Garland Until After The Election. According to Politico, “So far, Garland — who was nominated March 16 by President Barack Obama to replace deceased Justice Antonin Scalia — has met with 10 senators. All have been Democrats, except for Republican Sen. Mark Kirk of Illinois. And Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) is not meeting with Garland after previously saying he’d be open to a meeting, even though he opposes the nomination. ‘Senator Rubio will not be meeting with Judge Garland. He doesn’t believe the Senate should move on this nomination in the president’s final year, he wouldn’t support him, neither of these positions will change, and he sees no point in a meeting,’ said a spokesman.” [Politico, 3/31/16]

Published: Jul 20, 2016

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