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Monday, Jul 25 2016

Post RNC, McCrory & Burr Are All In For A Trump White House

Jul 25, 2016

After listening to a week’s worth of fear mongering and race baiting at the Republican Trump National Convention, Governor Pat McCrory and Senator Richard Burr have one thing to say: sign me up!

Today, Senator Burr and Governor McCrory are making no bones about the fact that they are all in for the Party of Trump. Both Republicans will join Trump and VP nominee Mike Pence tonight in Winston-Salem, North Carolina for a repeat of Trump’s diabolical convention speech.

The event is just one day after the Republican Party’s nominee announced “an expansion” of his Muslim ban and likened respecting the First Amendment’s freedom of religion protections to “committing suicide.” In the same interview, Trump also recommitted to his threat to abandon commitments to our allies and said he’d institute “extreme vetting” of immigrants from France and other European countries.

McCrory and Burr have both refused to condemn Trump despite his un-American policies and un-presidential comments. Now, that Trump is officially the GOP nominee, nothing will stop them from standing by him. Take a look at how the North Carolina Republicans have supported him throughout his campaign:

Senator Richard Burr
  • Senator Burr said that “you can’t predict what [Trump’s] going to do,” but said he will still support him in the general election.
  • North Carolina Senator Richard Burr said that he is “delighted” with Trump’s candidacy: “Donald Trump has done a tremendous job. I think Donald Trump has brought a level of passion to running for office that I’m delighted to see.”
Governor Pat McCrory

Published: Jul 25, 2016

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