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Josh Mandel Thursday, Oct 4 2012

NEW VIDEO: Josh Mandel, The No-Show Treasurer

WASHINGTON - On the heels of a report yesterday showing that Josh Mandel has skipped every meeting in his first year in office of eight boards on which he sits, American Bridge today is releasing a new video entitled “Josh Mandel, the No-Show Treasurer.” In Mandel’s second year in office, he has attended a grand total of seven Board of Deposit meetings, which he only started attending after the AP noted his absence. He has still not attended a single meeting of any of the other seven boards.

Tuesday, Jul 17 2012

MEMO: Questions Romney Can Clear Up With His Tax Returns

TO: Interested Parties FROM: Rodell Mollineau, American Bridge 21st Century DATE: July 16, 2012 RE: Questions Romney can clear up with his tax returns Mitt Romney has been trying very hard to run out the clock on this campaign without providing a complete and accurate picture of his finances. He has released his returns for 2010 and [whatever he releases], but that does not provide a full accounting of his financial priorities and practices. For example, from his limited release to this point, very serious questions need to be answered about his offshore holdings, trusts, and ongoing profit from his private equity career. He is also taking great pains to distance himself from his involvement with Bain Capital post-February 1999, but yet refuses to release his tax returns over that period which would prove his veracity on the subject. Romney’s father started the tradition of releasing his taxes by providing 12 years. Romney himself provided 23 years of taxes when he was being vetted for the vice presidential slot under McCain (and losing out to Sarah Palin). So, it should be easy for Romney to put a number of questions to rest by simply providing the public with his income taxes just as he provided them to John McCain. Here are the questions that could be easily answered through a full and transparent disclosure.

Friday, Jun 22 2012

Where In The World Is Connie Mack The Fourth?

whereisconniemackWell, he jets around the country asking millionaires for money Running for the Senate to spend more time in DC Thought he represented Florida, but chills in Cali with his honey Where in the world is Connie Mack the Fourth? $1,000 luncheons when he drops by New York City Strike it rich at the Petroleum Club and everything's OK Pass the 10-gallon hat at his Dallas, Texas soiree Where in the world is Connie Mack the Fourth? Research after the jump.

Wednesday, Apr 18 2012

In VP Search, Will Beth Myers Ask For More Than 2 Years Of Tax Returns?

In today's New York Times, Beth Myers said she will use the detailed questionnaire from John McCain's 2008 vice presidential search as a model for the Romney campaign's quest for its own VP nominee. As part of the VP vetting process in 2008, Mitt Romney supplied John McCain's campaign with 23 years of tax returns. Will Beth Myers ask for a comparable disclosure for Gov. Romney's potential running mates? If not, why? If so, why is it that the campaign demands candidates disclose years and years of returns for the #2 slot, yet Gov. Romney will only release a couple of years of taxes on the top of the ticket? Something doesn't add up here. For more information:

Sunday, Apr 1 2012

Dayton Daily News: Treasurer Mandel Under Scrutiny For Hiring Practices

On March 31, 2012, the  Dayton Daily News reported:

Republican Josh Mandel hired young, relatively inexperienced staffers from his 2010 campaign and gave them high-ranking jobs in the state treasurer’s office, a Dayton Daily News examination found.

Friday, Mar 2 2012

Romney’s Ties To Lobbyists Highlight His Record of Hypocrisy

Despite his desperate attempts to paint Sen. Rick Santorum as a creature of Washington and a professional influence peddler, Gov. Mitt Romney has bragged about his ability to milk funds out of the federal government, and boasts his own close ties to Washington’s most powerful lobbyists. “Mitt Romney has a bad habit of hypocritically attacking his opponents over issues that boomerang straight back at his campaign,” said American Bridge senior adviser Ty Matsdorf. “If he believes lobbyists are what’s wrong with Washington, why does he court them? If he thinks Fannie and Freddie are evil, why did he invest in them?” “This is further proof that Mitt Romney will say and do anything to get elected -- and then say something else an hour later,” Matsdorf added. See the research below.

Tuesday, Feb 28 2012

Washington Post: Mitt Romney Consultants Benefit From Campaign

On February 27, 2012, the Washington Post reported:

The arrangement not only benefits several of those close to the former Massachusetts governor but also makes it harder to determine how he is spending his donors’ money, because salaries and other details about outside operations are kept under wraps.

Monday, Feb 27 2012

Boston Globe: Mitt Romney, PAC Share Consultants In Single Office

On February 26, 2012, the Boston Globe reported:

When Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign needs advice on direct mail strategies for reaching voters, it looks to TargetPoint Consulting. And when the independent super PAC supporting him needs voter research, it, too, goes to TargetPoint. Sharing a consultant would seem to be an embodiment of coordination between a candidate and an independent group, something prohibited under federal law. But TargetPoint is just one of a handful of interconnected firms in the same office suite in Alexandria, Va., all working for the Romney campaign or the super PAC Restore Our Future.

AB Leadership Josh Mandel Tuesday, Feb 21 2012

Dayton Daily News: Former Clinton Adviser Speaks At Mandel Event

On February 20, 2012, the Dayton Daily News reported:

In the “where are they now” files, famed former political consultant Dick Morris – the man who advised former President Bill Clinton in the days after the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke – is now speaking at fundraisers for Republican Senate candidate Josh Mandel. Mandel paid $10,000 to Triangulation Strategies for a speaking fee at an Oct. 12, 2011 event for Mandel, according to research by American Bridge, a Democratic super PAC.

Monday, Feb 20 2012

Journal Sentinel: Thompson Worked For Birth Control Maker

On February 19, 2012, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported:

In Wisconsin, U.S. Senate candidates Tommy Thompson, Mark Neumann and Jeff Fitzgerald condemned the president's actions. But in the case of Thompson, his criticism comes with a more complicated past when it comes to the issue of contraception.

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