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U.S. Senate Michigan

Tudor Dixon

Since announcing her candidacy, Tudor Dixon has promoted election conspiracy theories, repeatedly attacked abortion and LQBTQ+ rights, opposed common sense gun laws, downplayed the COVID-19 pandemic, and proposed slashing funding from public schools.

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News Articles Press Releases Tudor Dixon Wednesday, Nov 9 2022

American Bridge Statement on Gretchen Whitmer Win

On the news that Gretchen Whitmer won re-election, American Bridge spokesperson Alexandra De Luca released the following statement:  “Tudor Dixon scraped through her primary because of Betsy DeVos’ money and the Michigan Republican Party’s historic implosion, and lost tonight because she was a terrible candidate with a dangerous vision for Michigan. Her extreme position on abortion — she said she supported a total ban in…

Every 2022 GOP Gubernatorial Candidate is an Anti-Choice Extremist

2022 gubernatorial candidates from Arizona to Pennsylvania have united around an anti-choice platform so extreme it risks endangering the support of their own voters.

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