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Thursday, Oct 8 2020

Thom Tillis Must Return $15,800 in Dirty Money From Indicted Donor

Today, news broke that GOP mega donor Elliott Broidy was indicted for illegal foreign lobbying activities. Broidy is accused of scheming to have the Justice Department drop an investigation into a Malaysian state development fund. He was also allegedly lobbying on behalf of the Chinese government to have a Chinese dissident seeking asylum in the United States sent back to China. Around the same time Broidy began…

Wednesday, Mar 11 2020

American Bridge Launches 5 State Ad Campaign on Trump; Senate Republicans’ Plans to Cut Medicare & Social Security

The ad campaign, called “Stealing From Us,” will run in Maine, Iowa, Arizona, Colorado, and North Carolina Sens. Collins, Ernst, McSally, Gardner, and Tillis all…

Supreme Court Puts Massive Spotlight on Senate GOP’s Votes To Take Health Care Away From Millions

In response to the Supreme Court announcing it will hear oral arguments on the latest Republican lawsuit to overturn the…

Tuesday, May 6 2014

MEMO: Thom Tillis? Bring it On

North Carolina Senate candidate Thom Tillis, foe of working families and wannabe Tea Party hero, managed to drag his feet across the finish line in today's Republican primary thanks to $2.5 million in support from establishment GOP groups like Crossroads. Now that Tillis has sufficiently touted his extreme conservative positions and record to advance from this far right primary, he is well on his way to defeat in November. Don't take my word for it - take a look at Tillis's abysmal track record in the state house and his extreme rhetoric on the campaign trail. In the state legislature, Tillis has cut education funding by nearly $500 million, bragged about rejecting federal funds for Medicaid expansion, raised taxes on 80% of North Carolinians, made it harder for North Carolinians to exercise their right to vote, and slashed funding for women's health clinics. As he scurried to the right in this bruising primary, Tillis's extreme rhetoric has been on full display. Tillis has said he would consider eliminating the minimum wage, recently claimed that climate change is not a proven fact, has said he thinks states should have the right to ban birth control, supports personhood, and joined national Tea Party leaders in supporting last fall's government shutdown. Couple Tillis's extreme views with his well documented ethical lapses and history of pay-to-play and you have a recipe for his defeat in the Tar Heel state.

The Wire Thom Tillis Wednesday, Apr 23 2014

Tillis's Electricity Tax Omission from Tuesday Night Debate

At last night's Republican primary debate in the North Carolina Senate race, Thom Tillis credited low North Carolina electricity prices for growing the state's manufacturing sector. What Tillis failed to mention in his answer, however, is that he helped push through the legislature a tax package last year that raised the combined state sales tax on electricity to 7%.

At GOP Debate Tillis Credited Low NC Electricity Prices Growing Manufacturing Sector…

Video: Tillis Said That Electricity In North Carolina Was “Some Of The Cheapest In The Southeast United States.” During a GOP Senate primary debate, Tillis said: “North Carolina has some of the cheapest electricity in the southeast United States. It’s one of the reasons why our manufacturing sector’s coming back.” [TWC News Senate Debate, 4/22/14]

…But Tillis Helped Through A Tax Plan That Increased Electricity Tax To 7%

Tax Reform Package Increased Combined Sales Tax On Electricity To 7%. According to the Raleigh News & Observer, “The plan would expand the 4.75 percent state sales tax to some service contracts and, movies and amusements. The sales tax on electricity would increase to a combined 7 percent.” [Raleigh News & Observer, 7/15/13]

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