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U.S. Senate Arizona

Blake Masters

From calling for the privatization of Social Security to advocating for cuts to Medicare to backing a total abortion ban, Blake Masters has repeatedly proven he cannot be trusted. Masters is running to advance his own financial interests and those of his California Big Tech billionaire boss. If elected in November, he will quickly throw Arizonans under the bus for personal profit.

Tuesday, Sep 21 2021

Reports: Thiel Backing GOP Candidates For Power And Profits

In case you missed it, two recent reports on Max Chafkin’s new Peter Thiel-focused book help to explain why the…

Friday, Sep 3 2021

GOP Candidates Attack Abortion Rights, Promoting Deeply Unpopular Government Interference in Personal Health Care Decisions

Republican Senate candidates are celebrating the Supreme Court effectively overturning Roe v. Wade’s near-50 years of precedent...

Wednesday, Sep 1 2021

Thiel Super PAC Goes Negative on TV As Arizona GOP Primary Gets Messier

Though highs in Phoenix finally dipped below 100°F this week, Arizona’s GOP U.S. Senate primary is aggressively heating up, as Peter…

Monday, Aug 16 2021

Arizona Republicans Oppose Bipartisan Infrastructure

Despite the bipartisan infrastructure deal's clear benefits for communities across Arizona, Republicans' 2022 U.S. Senate candidates have broadly panned the bill.

Wednesday, Aug 11 2021

Thiel’s Arizona Super PAC Goes Negative

In case you missed it, tech billionaire Peter Thiel’s super PAC has started going negative in Arizona’s GOP U.S. Senate primary,…

Friday, Jul 23 2021

Ahead of Trump Visit, Arizona’s GOP Primary Gets Nastier

Ahead of Donald Trump’s Saturday return to Phoenix, Arizona’s Republican U.S. Senate primary is heating up, with candidates beginning to lob attacks at both…

Monday, Jul 19 2021

Forget Tax Cuts, Arizona GOP Senate Candidates Focused On 2020 Lies

“[A]ll of [the GOP Senate candidates] have embraced some level of rhetoric about shoring up confidence in US elections,” and endorsed Arizona Republicans’ sham “audit” that aims to undermine voter confidence in the election and overrule voters.

Tuesday, Jul 13 2021

Thiel Employee’s Senate Run in Arizona Guarantees “Protracted GOP Senate Fight”

As highlighted in a new report from Politico, Arizona’s already-messy GOP primary has officially been upgraded to a “protracted GOP Senate fight,”…

Friday, Jul 9 2021

Arizona GOP Primary Gets Messier with Masters, Thiel

Bolstered by a super PAC funded with at least $10 million from surveillance-tech billionaire Peter Thiel, Thiel employee Blake Masters…

Tuesday, Jul 6 2021

AZ Republicans Silent On Election Interference

Mark Brnovich, Jim Lamon, Blake Masters, and Mick McGuire are standing silently by Donald Trump and Kelli Ward’s attempts to…

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