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AP: NH gay marriage push highlights GOP shifts

Saturday, Nov 26 2011

AP: NH gay marriage push highlights GOP shifts

On November 24, 2011, the Associated Press reported:

Whether they like it or not, Republican presidential candidates are joining New Hampshire’s intensifying gay marriage debate.

Friday, Nov 25 2011

LA Times: Mitt Romney still faces a trust deficit with GOP voters

On November 24, 2011, the Los Angeles Times reported:

But for months, the threshold of support for the former Massachusetts governor [Mitt Romney] hasn't inched above a quarter of Republican voters in national polls. For many GOP voters in early primary states, hesitation about Romney comes back to one thing: their perception that he has routinely molded his views to suit the political mood, with ambition his overriding principle. "He's not a person we could trust to lead our country," said Angela Cesar, a 41-year-old Republican from Ypsilanti, Mich., who said Romney had changed his position on too many issues. "He's going to be listening to voices outside. I want someone who can hear his own voice — a clear voice." Steve Holroyd, a 54-year-old chef from Rye, N.H., was initially attracted to Romney's candidacy, but now describes him as evasive: "The more I listen to him, the more he just kind of flip-flops and doesn't know where he stands on anything." Romney's advisors say the argument that their candidate is a political contortionist will not resonate because voters are concerned about the economy — and little else. But in his failed 2008 bid, when the issue was raised — as now — by opponents, it hit its mark not because of the issues involved but because of what Romney's flip-flops suggested about his character.
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Tuesday, Nov 22 2011

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Heller Backs off on 'March Madness'

On November 21, 2011, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported:

There has been a quick change in the fundraiser that Sen. Dean Heller is planning during the NCAA basketball tournament next spring.

Monday, Nov 21 2011

NY Times: Vilifying Rival, Wall St. Rallies for Senate Ally

On November 18, 2011, the New York Times reported:

The warning has ricocheted around the financial world in recent weeks, in conversations at Midtown restaurants and Washington fund-raisers, carrying urgent appeals for money from financial executives around the Northeast: The battle to re-elect Senator Scott P. Brown, the Republican from Massachusetts, just got a little more interesting.

Monday, Nov 21 2011

Fox News Reports On American Bridge

On November 17, 2011, Fox News' Megyn Kelly hosted GOP strategist Ed Rollins to discuss American Bridge 21st Century:

News Friday, Nov 18 2011

Huffington Post: Scott Brown Held Bank Of America Stock While Advocating For Big Banks

On November 17, 2011, the Huffington Post reported:

Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) positioned himself as a clean-government advocate this week, co-sponsoring the STOCK Act, which is designed to halt insider trading-like activity by members of Congress. But Brown's financial disclosure records show that he has been a large investor in Bank of America, GE and Exxon-Mobil throughout his time in the Senate -- even as he secured lucrative legislative protections for the nation’s biggest banks, trading houses and oil companies. What's more, under Brown's new good-government legislation, this type of activity would still be permitted...

Josh Mandel Friday, Nov 18 2011

"Pants on Fire" from PolitiFact for Josh Mandel

During a November 14th radio interview on the Tea Party Express Hour, Ohio Treasurer said that Sen. Sherrod Brown is "out there egging on a lot of these protesters who are spitting on policemen and going to the bathroom on policemen's cars at these protests on Wall Street and other places." PolitiFact Ohio analyzed Mandel's statement and came to this conclusion:

As a public official, Mandel knows words matter. And given the incendiary level of other comments he made in the interview (he says at one point that Brown has "vilified capitalism" and views anyone who creates jobs as "the enemy.") his clear meaning was that Brown was encouraging protesters who are "spitting on policemen and going to the bathroom on policemen’s cars." That statement is not accurate and also makes a ridiculous claim. On the Truth-O-Meter, that rates Pants on Fire.

Friday, Nov 18 2011

TPM: How Mitt Romney Revived A Scandal-Plagued CEO’s Career

On November 18, 2011, Talking Points Memo reported:

In this particular case, however, Romney’s business experience really was instructive. As an executive at Bain Capital he faced a similar situation in the private sector with a businessman whose successful career had been derailed by a sex scandal...

AB Leadership Friday, Nov 18 2011

POLITICO: Romney vs. DNC FOIA wars, round two

On November 17, POLITICO reported:

In response to the Romney campaign's Freedom of Information Act earlier today to highlight the ties between Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and President Obama, the Democratic National Committee is filing a FOIA request of its own: for any references to deleting files or emails during Romney's time as governor. [...] It's a request that may not get the DNC any actual documents -- many of Romney's old files are sealed to the public, according to the Democratic opposition research group American Bridge, and can't be FOIAed.

Thursday, Nov 17 2011

USA Today: Bachmann, Democrats take shots at Gingrich

On November 17, 2011, USA Today reported:

American Bridge 21st Century, a Democratic organization, has a new video out today that compiles some of Gingrich's past statements about Fannie and Freddie with clips of more recent coverage.

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