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Dean Heller all talk on “No Budget, No Pay” pledge

Wednesday, Dec 14 2011

Dean Heller all talk on “No Budget, No Pay” pledge

Washington, DC – At a press conference hosted yesterday by the No Labels group, Senator Dean Heller renewed his call to withhold pay for members of Congress if they fail to pass a budget. However, when he had the opportunity to actually cast a vote on a measure to prevent payment in the event of a government shutdown, he voted no. “Dean Heller is all talk when it comes to holding members accountable for their inability to serve the constituents they were sent to Washington to represent. It is one thing to talk a good game at a press conference, but apparently something completely different when it comes to actually casting votes,” said Matt Thornton, spokesman for American Bridge 21st Century.

Tuesday, Dec 13 2011

Romney Bet Big On Fannie And Freddie

Despite the blame Romney has placed on Fannie and Freddie for the economic crisis, Romney has profited handsomely off of the companies. According to financial disclosure statements, Romney has invested up to a half million dollars in a mutual fund heavily invested in Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Federal Home Loan Bank notes. The pay-out on Romney’s bet: up to $50,000. These investments weren’t made until the latter half of 2007. And, as the Boston Globe reported, “unlike most of Romney’s financial holdings, which are held in a blind trust that is overseen by a trustee and not known to Romney, this particular investment was among those that would have been known to Romney.”

Tuesday, Dec 13 2011

Romney’s Freddie Mac Attack on Gingrich Reeks of Hypocrisy

Washington, DC – Mitt Romney’s struggling presidential campaign is on the attack against former Speaker Newt Gingrich over a consulting contract with Freddie Mac. While desperate attacks have been a pillar of Romney’s long, 17-year political career, this week’s iteration is even more hypocritical than we've come to expect from Romney. As the Boston Globe reported, Romney himself has up to $500,000 in a mutual fund that is heavily invested Fannie & Freddie -- outside of his blind trust. The investment was made in late 2007, just “around the time that the scale of the housing crisis was coming into focus.”

Monday, Dec 12 2011

VIDEO: Romney's Washington Examiner Editorial Board Interview – Best Of

Last week, Mitt Romney spoke at length with the editorial board of the Washington Examiner. American Bridge compiled a video of the best moments. Take a look.

Monday, Dec 12 2011

Washington Monthly: Romney gambles on Freddie Mac attack

On December 12, 2011, Washington Monthly's Steve Benen reported:

There is, however, a problem: Romney has some Freddie Mac troubles of his own. [...] It leads to a pretty straightforward question: if Gingrich should return the money he made by working for Freddie Mac, should Romney return the money he made by investing in Freddie Mac?

Monday, Dec 12 2011

USA Today: Romney jabs Gingrich for 'erratic outspokenness'

On December 12, 2011, USA Today reported:

Romney, speaking to Fox News this morning, also said the former House speaker should return the money he received from Freddie Mac. Gingrich made at least $1.6 million from the mortgage giant, providing what he called "strategic advice." Gingrich responded by suggesting Romney should return money he earned while leading Bain Capital, a venture capital firm. Romney has been criticized for his work at Bain, whose leveraged buyouts of companies sometimes led to layoffs. [...] he Democratic group, American Bridge, is reminding reporters that Romney made money from his investments in Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.

Friday, Dec 9 2011

Slate: Perry's "Holiday" Past Prompts Calls of Hypocrisy

On December 8, 2011, Slate reported:

Maybe Rick Perry should include himself on the list of politicians on the offensive in Obama's so-called "war on religion" referenced in his latest Iowa campaign attack ad. As it turns out, Perry used "holiday season" instead of Christmas in a message to the troops posted in December of last year, and has reportedly issued similarly Christmas-free messages dating back to the early 1990s.

Friday, Dec 9 2011

Romney's History Of Desperate Attacks

As we learned from the 2008 campaign, the more desperate Romney gets, the more negative he becomes. This week is the beginning of the 2012 edition of Mitt Romney's GOP Desperation Express. His negative campaigns are kissing cousins of his positive campaigns in one regard: He'll say and do anything if he things it will help him get elected. During the 2008 campaign, Romney launched attacks against every one of his major rivals-- Mike Huckabee, John McCain, Fred Thompson, Rudy Giuliani. His Republican opponents said of the ads: “distortion,” “hypocrisy,” “lying,” “desperate,” “dishonest,” “simply aren’t true,” and “clear willingness to say and do anything for political gain.” While the Republican candidates disagreed on much, there was a general agreement that Romney’s relentless attacks were unfair. Many commentators argued that the ads backfired – helping to propel Huckabee and McCain to come-from-behind victories in Iowa and New Hampshire. But in 2008 and 2012, a scorched-earth campaign is the only strategic path for a candidate who has shown for six years that the appeal of his positive message is limited to 25% of Republican primary voters. It’s not just the negativity of Romney’s attacks that turns off voters, it’s that their message reinforces Romney’s key weakness. In 2008 and now, Romney launched harsh immigration attacks accusing opponents of supporting “amnesty” when he had earlier defended the same plan and said it was “not amnesty.” He bashes opponents as career politicians despite his 17-year political career. He attacked John McCain for opposing tax cuts that he had refused to take a position on. He went after Giuliani for pro-choice views despite his own long history of claiming to support abortion rights. These obviously hypocritical attacks may help explain why nearly half of Republican voters believe Romney “will do or say anything to win.” As we learned from the 2008 campaign, the more desperate Romney gets, the more negative he becomes. This week is just the beginning.

Thursday, Dec 8 2011

Mediaite: Christmas Warrior Rick Perry Has ‘Happy Holiday’ Skeletons In His Closet

On December 7, 2011, Mediaite reported:

Texas Governor and fallen former presidential frontrunner Rick Perry continues to revive his campaign by picking culture war fights with President Obama, releasing an ad that decries, among other things, that ” our kids can’t openly celebrate Christmas or pray in school.” As American Bridge PAC points out, though, Gov. Perry is a “Happy Holidays” hipster who took the “Christ” out of Christmas way before it was cool.

Thursday, Dec 8 2011

Las Vegas Review-Journal: A bridge to somewhere

On December 7, 2011, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported:

That interview former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney did with Fox News’s Bret Baier is really coming back to haunt him. Now, the David Brock-founded progressive group American Bridge 21st Century is questioning something Romney told Baier when the subject turned to Newt Gingrich.

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