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Press Releases Austin Knudsen Monday, Sep 18 2023

NEW VIDEO: Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen's History of Attacking Montana's Judiciary Catches Up With Him

Today, American Bridge 21st Century released a new video detailing Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen’s history of attacking the judiciary. The pending complaint includes 41 separate violations and leaves the possibility that Kndusen could be disbarred. Watch here or below to see just some of the things Knudsen said about the judiciary and their court decisions: The complaint argues that “Knudsen and lawyers under his supervision routinely and…

Press Releases Ken Paxton Gun Safety Friday, Jun 17 2022

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton on the Uvalde Massacre: “God has a plan”

This week, Salon reported that Texas Republican Attorney General Ken Paxton said he would tell parents of young children killed…

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