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Kari Lake: Elect Blake Masters Because “We Need To Overturn Obamacare”

According to a new report from HuffPost, on Monday, Arizona Republican gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake told a group of voters, “We gotta get Blake Masters in there [...] we need a red wave and we need to overturn Obamacare.”  WATCH HERE Repealing the Affordable Care Act would gut coverage protections for 1.1 million individuals with pre-existing conditions in Arizona and spike health care costs across the board. While Democrats…

Tuesday, Sep 1 2020

8 Times Sen. Tom Killion Voted Against Your Health

During his 12 years in the Pennsylvania Legislature, Sen. Tom Killion (SD-9) has worked to make health care more expensive…

The Oppo Dump Jason Brodeur Thursday, Aug 13 2020

Oppo Dump: FL Republicans’ Disastrous Health Care Records

American Bridge 21st Century released the second in a series of reports targeting Republican state lawmakers, read it here. Today…

Chris Sununu Donald Trump Thursday, Mar 5 2020

WHIPLASH: Gov. Sununu Defends ACA Just Weeks After Defending Trump’s Effort to Repeal

American Bridge issued the following statement following news that Gov. Sununu will join a lawsuit in defense of the Affordable…

Greg Gianforte Monday, Mar 2 2020

Supreme Court Puts Spotlight on Congressman Gianforte’s Votes To Take Health Care Away From Montanans

In response to the Supreme Court’s announcement that it will hear oral arguments on the latest Republican lawsuit to overturn…

Supreme Court Puts Massive Spotlight on Senate GOP’s Votes To Take Health Care Away From Millions

In response to the Supreme Court announcing it will hear oral arguments on the latest Republican lawsuit to overturn the…

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