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Cecile Richards Deval Patrick Joe Biden Steve Bullock Tom Perez Wednesday, Mar 23 2022

AB21 Co-Chairs on the 12th Anniversary of the Affordable Care Act

Mar 23, 2022

Today marks the twelfth anniversary of the Affordable Care Act – landmark legislation that expanded health care coverage, protected those with pre-existing conditions, and cut costs for more than 23 million Americans. In response to the anniversary of this legislation’s passage – American Bridge 21st Century Co-Chairs have released the following statements: 

“Twelve years ago, Democrats passed the Affordable Care Act, expanding health care and cutting costs for more than 23 million Americans in every part of this country,” said Governor Steve Bullock. “This historic piece of legislation also established critical protections for more than 100 million Americans who have pre-existing conditions. As Vice President, President Biden championed the Affordable Care Act, and as President, he has continued to strengthen health care for Americans all over the country through the American Rescue Plan. Today, more than ever, I am proud to be a Democrat.” 

“Health care for everybody at lower cost — that simple idea became a values statement twelve years ago when Democrats passed the Affordable Care Act,” said Governor Deval Patrick. “President Biden and congressional Democrats continue to build on this progress because we believe that health is a public good.” 

“Today we remember the passage of the Affordable Care Act – life changing legislation that continues to help working families receive high quality health care coverage while making ends meet,” said Secretary Tom Perez. “Since taking office, President Biden has worked to make health care even more affordable for families. In fact, under President Biden’s leadership 5.8 million more Americans have health insurance today through the ACA than a year ago. But under the previous administration, 3.6 million Americans lost health care coverage. It’s clear that despite bad faith Republican opposition and the failed attempts to repeal the ACA – Democrats will always deliver for American families.” 

“The Affordable Care Act provided health care for millions more Americans. But for women – it revolutionized our health care. The ACA ended insurance companies charging women more for health coverage, provided no-cost preventive care including birth control and cancer screenings, and made sure we could not be blocked from coverage due to preexisting conditions,” said Cecile Richards. “While President Biden is working with Democrats in Congress to cut health care costs, Republicans including Senator Ron Johnson in Wisconsin are trying to overturn our progress and repeal the ACA. Democrats are committed to building on our progress, continuing to expand access to health care and lower costs including for prescription drugs.”


Published: Mar 23, 2022

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