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Ron Johnson Wednesday, Mar 9 2022

Roundup: WI Sen. Ron Johnson Says GOP Will Overturn Affordable Care Act

Mar 09, 2022

After confirming his support for NRSC Chair Rick Scott’s plan to raise taxes on half of all Americans and cut Social Security/Medicare, Wisconsin U.S. Senator Ron Johnson said he wants to see the GOP continue a decade’s long effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act — ripping away coverage protection from millions of Americans living with pre-existing conditions. 

Time and time again, Johnson and the GOP have shown they will stop at nothing to overturn the Affordable Care Act, even after failing to do so with control of the White House, Senate, and House in 2017. They have never put American families first and will make healthcare more expensive for millions of Americans.

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Published: Mar 9, 2022 | Last Modified: Mar 11, 2022

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