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News Thursday, Sep 17 2015

Just Another Far Right Republican: How To Campaign Against Carly Fiorina

Sep 17, 2015

Last night’s GOP debate confirmed what we already knew: Jeb Bush and Scott Walker are on the way out, and nervous establishment Republicans are giving Carly Fiorina a second look. But they’ve seen this movie before, and they should really know better.

On issues like choice and immigration Carly Fiorina is just as right-wing as the rest of the Republican field — but putting that aside, she’s got a Mitt Romney problem that would make Romney himself recoil.

After earning recognition of as one of the “Worst American CEOs Of All Time,” she’s probably best known for being blown out in the 2010 California Senate race.

Carly Fiorina’s easily beaten once voters learn about her extreme record. Here’s a reminder from Senator Barbara Boxer of what it’s like to campaign against her:

In English:

“‘The Facts’ about Carly Fiorina’s Failure at Hewlett-Packard”

“‘Workers’ – Carly Fiorina laid off 30,000 at Hewlett Packard”


“Out of Touch”


…and in Spanish:

“Contra Nosotros”

“Su único interés es ella misma.”

Published: Sep 17, 2015

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