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Thursday, Nov 19 2015

Rubio Chooses Fundraisers Over Classified Paris ISIS Briefings

In the wake of ISIS attacks in Paris, Marco Rubio yesterday chose to fundraise in California over attending a classified Foreign Relations hearing, and looks set to skip a classified Intelligence briefing today with Secretary Kerry at 2pm for a Phoenix fundraiser -- less than 24 hours after the alleged attack leader was killed. How does Rubio expect voters to look past missing vital classified briefings on the Paris attacks and still argue that…

Tuesday, Nov 3 2015

Marco Rubio: Good For Wall Street, Bad For Consumers

Having just won hedge fund manager Paul Singer's endorsement, Marco Rubio is all in for Wall Street. Rubio is always happy to bend…

Monday, Nov 2 2015

NOT BREAKING: Marco Rubio And Jeb Bush Still Out Of Touch On Women's Health Issues

Frenemies (maybe just enemies now) Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush still stand together in at least one area of the…

Thursday, Oct 29 2015

Rubio Was Wrong: Anti-Middle Class Tax Plan In Light Of Day

Marco Rubio couldn't hide the truth about his regressive tax plan at last night's debate. Unfortunately for Rubio, multiple analyses…

Thursday, Oct 29 2015

Debate Recap Video: The Brawl In Boulder In 50-Seconds

Tonight's GOP debate was a dumpster fire of the highest order, disgracing each and every candidate involved. In case you were…

Wednesday, Oct 28 2015

Trump Skewers Kasich on Lehman in Dumpster Fire Debate

John Kasich tried swinging at Donald Trump tonight at the dumpster fire debate, but the only memorable takeaway was Trump…

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