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Tuesday, Dec 1 2015

GOP Field On Climate Change: I Don't Understand The Problem And I Won't Respond To It

If you're a Republican running for president, you're more likely than not a climate change-denier. And if you do recognize the scientific consensus that climate change does exist, you certainly don't think anything should be done to stop it. The New Republic describes Marco Rubio, who certainly doesn't think climate change is man-made or that anything should be done about it, as "the most dangerous GOP candidate…

Tuesday, Nov 10 2015

American Bridge President's Statement On The Milwaukee Melee

American Bridge President Jessica Mackler released the following statement on tonight's Republican presidential debate in Milwaukee: "Despite the softballs lobbed…

Tuesday, Nov 10 2015

For GOP Field, Special Interests And Wall Street Take Priority Over Protecting Consumers

While Democrats have worked tirelessly to restore stability to the economy, every candidate on the stage tonight is pushing for…

Tuesday, Nov 10 2015

Party Of "Family Values" Says No To Paid Family Leave

The party of "family values" opposes letting working Americans spend more time at home. Republicans regularly say that stronger families…

Tuesday, Nov 10 2015

GOP Field Quickly Goes Extreme On Immigration

We're not even through the first hour and the GOP field has already found a way to be offensive and…

Tuesday, Nov 10 2015

GOP Field On Taxes: Big Cuts For Our Megadonors Come First

The GOP candidates on stage tonight complained the last debate lacked a legitimate discussion of "pocketbook issues," but they'll do…

Tuesday, Nov 10 2015

The GOP Field On Earned Benefits Cuts: You're Gonna Have To Get Over It

Unapologetic threats to programs vital to millions of Americans, Rubio, Bush, Cruz, and the rest of the candidates on stage…

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