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Wednesday, Aug 3 2022

AB21 Leverages Influencer Program & Resources for Major Abortion Victory in Kansas

On Tuesday, Kansas held the first electoral test of abortion rights since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. By a significant margin, Kansas residents voted to protect abortion rights.  American Bridge 21st Century is proud to play a part in securing this historic victory through a targeted investment of over two-hundred thousand dollars. “Tonight was a massive victory for abortion rights. It is crystal…

Thursday, Jun 30 2022

“We’ve Got Work To Do”: Adam Laxalt Calls Roe v. Wade a “Joke,” Confirms He’ll Push Anti-Abortion Agenda in Nevada, Per Leaked Audio

The Nevada Independent this morning reported on leaked audio in which Republican Senate Nominee Adam Laxalt called the 1973 Roe…

Friday, Jun 24 2022

AB21 Co-Chair Cecile Richards and President Jessica Floyd on SCOTUS Decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health

After decades of loading the courts with extremists, Republicans realize their long-held goal of overturning Roe, eliminating abortion rights and…

Wednesday, Jun 22 2022

Herschel Walker Confirms He Backs Hardline Total Abortion Ban, Downplays Rape and Incest as “Excuses” for Abortion

On Monday, Georgia Republican U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker confirmed that he still supports banning ALL abortion, without ANY exceptions,…

Friday, May 6 2022

ICYMI: Pence Fundraises for Another Sham Crisis Pregnancy Center in SC

Mike Pence is continuing to act like a 2024 Presidential candidate. Yesterday, as reported by The State, he spoke at a…

Wednesday, May 4 2022

CNN, MSNBC: AB21 Co-Chair Cecile Richards On Implications of Overturning Roe

American Bridge 21st Century Co-Chair and former President of Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards joined CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 yesterday and MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace today…

Tuesday, Mar 1 2022

The Hill and Politico Report on AB21’s New Poll on Women & the Economy 

Today, The Hill and Politico reported on a poll commissioned by American Bridge 21st Century and conducted by Impact Research. The survey found that as…

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